Finger Paint Hearts Card

This year for Valentine’s for family I wanted to incorporate both girls. We do photo cards for Christmas so Valentine’s Day is a chance to let Kelsey be involved in the making and sending portions. I love that these finger paint hearts remind me of candy hearts!


I brought out some finger paints and brushes and plain white paper and had each girl paint with one color at a time.

After they all dried, I cut the paper into small squares and then into hearts. If you have a little bit older child, they could do this part themselves.

Then, I laid all the blank cards out on the table and let the preschooler glue the hearts onto the fronts of the cards where she wanted to go. The only supervising I had to do was trying to make sure the hearts were contained on the front of the card or it may not fit into the envelope later.

I printed off a message for the inside and let Kelsey sign her and her sisters name. After the glue dried, we put them in the envelopes and put them in the mail. Of course, I also tossed a picture of the girls in, too.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Easy T-shirt Door Wreath

Sometimes I get in the mood to decorate or make something seasonal but I don’t like spending a lot to do it. I came up with this easy, no sew wreath made with thrift store t-shirts.


What you’ll need:
– t-shirts to cut up
– scissors
– a wreath shape
– for optional poof: felt, glue gun/sticks, can or other round shape to trace

I figured 4 different colors would make a nice Valentine’s wreath but you’ll have to decide for yourself based on the colors you want it to be and the size of your wreath. 4 t-shirts left me with a little extra on my 18′ wreath so you may want to use more or less.

I picked t-shirts that were 50% off that day so I only spent about $2 for them all. You’ll want to pick shirts that are blank on at least one side of the shirt. You could also just purchase jersey fabric at your local fabric store if you didn’t feel like hunting the racks. I also found my wreath shape on a previous thrift store trip for a few bucks but you could pick one up at a craft store.


Start by cutting the t-shirts in half, separating front from back up to the armpits. Keep the sleeves in tact, however, if you’d like to try another craft with them. Then, cut them into strips. I cut mine about 3 inches wide but use your judgment based on preference and size of your wreath.


Once all your strips are cut and you’ve decided what order you want to put them in, start tying them on around your wreath shape and double knot them. Once you have covered the wreath, trim the tails so they are all about the same length for a neater look. Finally, trim off the neck from one of the shirts to loop on to the wreath to hang it.


You can stop here or if you’d like, you can add a few embellishments. I choose to make these little poofs with some of the extra material from the top of the t-shirt. Use a can or cup to trace then cut out 5-6 circles. Cut a little circle of felt to glue your t-shirt circles on to. Shape them into a V then glue down the first 4 in a circle then glue the final 1-2 into the center. Glue the whole thing in to the wreath.


Voila! A wreath for every season! I actually took apart the Valentine’s Day one I made and remade it with spring colors.


So, what to do with the extra t-shirt pieces? Stay tuned for my follow-up post.

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Quick Valentine’s Day Cards

We recently spent yet another day inside thanks to all the snow we’ve been having. I decided to take advantage of the baby taking a nice, long nap to go ahead and get some quick Valentine’s made for some family.

Kelsey likes stamping so I picked up on some Valentine’s stamps and ink. I also have a stash of plain cards. I just let her go crazy with the stamping to decorate the outside. It’s a nice way to get her involved even though she can’t do too much yet (in the way of crafting, that is).


Kelsey knows her letters but she can’t spell yet so I did the inside message for her but we did do some letter recognition since she had to find the letters for me.


I let her keep stamping away while I finished getting the cards ready to go. That’s it! Simple but cute. Now I just have to remember to send them off.



BONUS CRAFT! Sticky Paper “Suncatchers”

I never shared this last year, but this is a pretty easy one for the toddler set (and can really be adapted to any holiday). There are tons of tutorials on Pintrest but basically, you just need some contact paper, tissue paper, and construction paper.

I cut the tissue paper up into shreds and placed them in a bowl for Kelsey. I then cut out a heart shape from the construction paper and prepped it on the contact paper for her.


Once she checked out the contact paper and got the idea of what she was supposed to do, she got to work. She enjoyed it so much I also put the rest of the construction paper down so she could fill in that heart and we ended up with a cute Valentine’s place mat along with the suncatcher!



Valentine’s Day 2012

Even though I knew it was coming, Valentine’s Day still kind of snuck up on me. Mostly because I didn’t really think I was going to do anything for it but in the last coupe of days before it, I decided why not celebrate a little?

I decided I wanted to try to take some Valentine’s-ee pictures of Kelsey. I had a hand-me-down dress that fit Kelsey but wasn’t overly hearts and pink. Someone was giving away baskets on freecycle so I spray painted one white. I was tidying up some stuff in my craft area and came across a couple bunches of red carnations left over from a project a couple of years ago. I saw a little heart garland in the background of someone’s picture that I thought was cute.

Let the Valentine’s decor begin!

I picked up a couple of sheets of felt from Walmart, cut into fourths, then cut out hearts. I then cut slits into the hearts to run the ribbon through, which I already had. I stuck a few nails in the fence out back to hang them from. I put the flowers in the basket, put Kelsey in the middle of it and started snapping away. I have found that keeping her in one spot works best if I give her things to play with.

After the shoot, I hung the hearts around the living room and the flowers turned into a door decoration. I picked up a half ball of floral foam, tied ribbon around it to hang it from and just stuck the blooms into the foam. Viola!

For my husband, I took advantage of a free personalized card from Tiny Prints and I decided to make something yummy. Most importantly, I finally found a use a heart pie baker we got for our wedding almost 6 years ago!

I followed the directions to make this No Crust Strawberry Pie I found through The Frugal Girls. However, instead of whipped topping, we heated up and drizzle some dark chocolate topping over our servings. Who doesn’t love chocolate and strawberries?

I gave Kelsey a couple of treats in the morning. I picked up a box of Sweethearts on sale and got a heart lollipop from a wedding I went to last week. She promptly turned the candy into a shaker and proceeded to swat the dog with the lollipop.

Since my husband stil had his regular, into the middle of the night work hours, we got the idea to go to IHOP for breakfast.

In the afternoon, it was girls time at the mall. I picked up my free, travel-size, Signature Collection item from Bath & Bodyworks from their facebook promotion and then picked up an Icedream from Chik-fil-A, soft serve with pink sprinkles! Kelsey had a few nibbles, the child won’t drink milk or eat cheese or yogurt but she likes ice cream.

We both worked off our treat on the playground – Kelsey by climbing up everything and me by having to carry her down off of everything. She’s still not too sure about getting off items but she’s starting to gain an appreciation for slides. Here she is giving the dolphin a kiss!

Earlier in the day, my husband gave me a card and a box of Zombie Bonbons – chocolate with cherry brains – and picked up a copy of Breaking Dawn from Redbox, free one night rental through their facebook promotion. I had a MacDill Enlisted Spouses Club meeting but once we got home and I got Kelsey to bed, I was able to finally watch it. Yes, I’m a little bit of a Twilight dork.

All in all, it was a pretty good (and relatively cheap) Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a good one, too.

Here’s a few more pictures, I can’t help myself.