Wright Company Factory Instameet #WrightFactoryMeet

2015_06_13_9854 My family and I went to our first Instameet this past weekend. A collaboration with National Aviation Heritage, Wright Memorial Library, and DaytonGram allowed the public into the Wright Company Factory building that is currently vacant and is going to be undergoing renovations soon. Check hashtag #wrightfactorymeet on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see everyone’s images. instagram photo 1 It has severed as a production facility for a few different businesses over the years and it was very interesting to see the layered in evidence in this old building. I really hope to be able to participate in something like this again in the future. 2015_06_13_9859 2015_06_13_9910 2015_06_13_9872 2015_06_13_9865 2015_06_13_9935 2015_06_13_9927 2015_06_13_9907 2015_06_13_9902 2015_06_13_9900 2015_06_13_9896 2015_06_13_9864 2015_06_13_9925 2015_06_13_9919 I seem to have developed a mild crush on all of the peeling paint. 2015_06_13_9886 2015_06_13_9873 2015_06_13_9934 2015_06_13_9918 Outside of the building, nature it doing its best to reclaim the grounds. 2015_06_13_9957 2015_06_13_9962 2015_06_13_9964 We took our girls with us. Aubrey stayed in the carrier the entire time we were inside the building to keep her away from anything harmful. We gave Kelsey her “little blue camer” (not a typo, that’s how she pronounces camera) so she could take photos, too. 2015_06_13_9932 2015_06_13_9936 Here are a few of Kelsey’s photos. Are there any good photo spots near you?