Family Time at Goldfish Swim School

My husband has had to do some traveling for work so this has been the perfect excuse to take advantage of the family swim times at Goldfish Swim School in Dayton, Ohio.


We’ve been to a couple of Sunday afternoon times but they offer them throughout the week. The girls love to show me what they’ve been learning in class and they get to play with all the fun pool toys. It’s pretty enjoyable for me, too, plus I know they’ll be nice and worn out by the time we get home so I can get the house ready for the week ahead.

At Goldfish Swim School, they use a lot of repetition from week to week, repeating the same lesson plans and tracking how the students progress. As a parent, it’s great to see when the jump in knowledge happens – it seems like your child may not be catching on after a few lessons when all of a sudden it clicks and they can demonstrate a skill.


Kelsey has been getting better at her backstroke and freestyle. With forward swimming she’s slowly but surely putting the breathing into her strokes. I like that her instructor is trying to instill former form from the beginning so it won’t have to be corrected down the line just improved. She can also tread water with her face out of the water for about 15 seconds now which has been a huge improvement. I can’t say that I’ve heard of kids learning to tread water before so this was a pleasant surprise in their curriculum.

Aubrey is a pro at getting herself out of the pool safely. While she’s much more comfortable in the water, she’s still working on going underwater and relaxing while floating on her back. The next step will be to incorporate front swimming with stopping to roll on her back to take a few breathes. She always looks like she’s having a great time in class.


Once the student has checked off all of the skills in a particular level, they’ll progress to the next one and learn the next few elements, and so on.

The family swim times are a nice perk of membership and great for the kids to get a little more practice time. With two girls in class at the same I don’t always catch everything they are working on and we don’t have time to see everything they want to show me at pick up time so these are nice to check-in with how the kids are improving and feeling about their progress.

Fun times at Goldfish Swim School – Dayton

They also have member appreciation and themed events that are open to the public. Check them out for Trunk or Treat at Goldfish Swim School, Friday, October 27, 6p-8p. Sign up to pass out candy from your trunk and you could win a Goldfish Party! The event is free but, unfortunately, no swimming since they are anticipating high attendance.



Goldfish Swim School has provided me with the experience of lessons for my candid reviews. #sponsored


Aubrey’s First Official Food

Aubrey had her first official food today. I have let her gum on bananas and apple slices but last night we baked an extra sweet potato and I added just enough water to get it smooth in the blender. The “hardest” part of sweet potato puree is getting it separated into small containers.

Last night is also when I realized I wasn’t ready for Aubrey eating yet. I had to rearrange the table and chairs and wipe down a booster and tray that have been sitting in storage. Today I had to fish around for the baby spoon and a bib. I have all the stuff but forgot it’s been two years since I used them.


Aubrey was a little unsure about her first bite of sweet potatoes but kept reaching for more and already has her hands on the spoon. Since it was the first time, I only gave her about a tablespoon worth. She started crying when it was done! I gave her a little bit more. We’ll see if sweet potatoes like her back.



Well, at least I think she ate some. There’s a lot left behind on that face.


I Survived the First Day of Preschool

My 3 year old baby, Kelsey, had her first day of preschool today. A few months ago we found out that the school district we live in has an early education program. It’s only 10 hours a week and there is a fee for it but it is very affordable and right around the corner.


We decided it would be good for Kelsey to start getting the idea of how it function in a classroom setting. So far everything she’s been to has been minimally structured and she could come and go from what interested her. Unfortunately, she’s the kid standing in the front of the librarian at story time. We think she needs to start experiencing listening to other authority figures, stopping and starting activities as directed, and getting a little bit more formal learning environment.

In addition, it gives me a little one on one time with Aubrey. When I was pregnant I was concerned that Aubrey may not get some of the experiences that Kelsey got being our only child at the time. I’ll have a little scheduled time to do some Mommy and Me activities in addition to getting some errands done.

We couldn’t put her paperwork in until she actually turned 3 at the beginning of January then we had to wait to see if a slot opened up. We finally got word that she had an AM preschool spot and we got to prepping. We bought her a backpack and had her name embroidered onto it. I made labels to sew into her coats for school (directions from Ever Clever Mom). We met with her teacher and bought the items on the supply list.


All we had to do was wait and see what the weather would be like come Monday morning. With all the freezing temperatures and snow, if the district calls a 2 hour delay then there is no AM preschool. It was freezing that morning, but no delays. So, I got everyone dressed and we headed out the door.

I had to get a pass to walk her in for her first day and then we got buzzed in to the preschool area. She walked in like she owned the place and teachers already knew her name. She stood where she was told to by her teacher and after a few minutes, her teacher told her “OK, say goodbye to Mommy.” I guess that was my cue it was time for me to leave.


I got Aubrey back to the car and sat in drivers and it hit me. My baby was a little girl now. I’ve left her at daycare for much longer in a day. She goes to child watch at the Y regularly. So why was this so different? This is going to be regular. This is the start of the long run towards kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, clubs, competitions, sports, etc. and, even though I have been looking forward to her getting to do new things, I just wanted time to stop for a minute and I didn’t want her to get any older anymore.

She has her first field trip in a few weeks. Of everything, this makes me the most nervous. It’s one thing to leave her inside a locked building for a few hours. It’s another to let strangers take your child somewhere out into the world. A lot more baby steps for me then for Kelsey. When I left today, she just said “Bye, Mommy!”

She had a great time and did very well. She was all smiles when I picked her up. I love that they send home the lesson plan for the week so I know what she’s learning about and can reinforce it at home. I am happy that they have opportunities to go on field trips and have class parties. In the long run, I still believe this will be great for Kelsey. Now, how will I be? It may take me a few weeks (I’ll just be driving up and dropping her off tomorrow) but I think it will be good for me, too.