OxiClean™ Extreme Power Crystals™ Dishwasher Detergent Review

I recently received a free bottle of OxiClean™ Extreme Power Crystals™ Dishwasher Detergent to try out from Smiley360.

OxyClean Dish Collage

I thought it worked great. I only filled the detergent cup halfway and got sparkling clean dishes and glasses. We decided to roast a turkey breast for dinner to use the leftovers in other dishes and also made cornbread casserole. I only rinsed the pans with water and OxiClean took care of the rest. Turkey grease gone from everything. While it was at it, it looks like the Extreme Power Crystals cleaned the inside of the dishwasher, too while leaving behind a light lemon scent.

oxiclean pans Collage

Only OxiClean(TM) Extreme #ExtremePowerCrystals cleans even the toughest stuck-on food, stains, and prevents film & spots while using 4X less detergent than the leading powder or gel! Receive a $1 off coupon to try it for yourself.

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*Post contains affiliate links. I received the product free to try. Opinions are my own.*