After earning degrees and working for many years, I found myself a stay-at-home mom of my little girl Kelsey and then Aubrey came along. I couldn’t really cook, I was decent at cleaning, and I got little bouts of craftiness. I began the domesticating of Michelle as I experienced this new role in my life.

2014_05_11_ChromAbbr_1025a FAMILY

Along the way I’ve gotten better in the kitchen and finally learned to sew a bit. As a Mom I was determined to breastfeed but now I also cloth diaper and babywear – they are all gateways to the others! I like to say I’m half-crunch, however, because my kids sleep in their own rooms and watch way too much TV.

Even though I am making the transition to working mom, I love getting out and around Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas with my little ones and plan to share those adventures with you as well. As a military spouse of a member of the US Air Force we never know for sure how long we’ll be somewhere so we might as well enjoy it!

Find me on Facebook or email me at domesticatingmichelle@gmail.com!


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