Favorite Cloth Diaper Accessories

When it comes to cloth diapers, a lot has changed since our parents or grandparents were using them. In addition to the wide range of styles and materials on the market, there are lots of accessories out there to make cloth diaper easier, more efficient, or just a little more fun. Here are a few of my favorites. Don’t forget to scroll down to jump on the giveaway hop and check out what other blogs are talking about!

Baby leg warmers:

There are lots of brands out there, but it’s also pretty easy to make them yourself or if you have a friend or family member with a serger. I picked up a couple of pairs of knee socks in some fun designs and my mother used her serger to pretty quickly make a handful of sets. Here is a great tutorial from Hobo Mama.

Cloth diapers tend to be a little bulkier than their disposable counterparts and need to be changed a little more often so sometimes a little tee shirt and baby leg warmers instead of pants are easier during the day. They have been great for just being around the house or to cover legs with riding in the carrier or stroller to protect legs from the sun.

At the 2014 Great Cloth Diaper Change

At the 2014 Great Cloth Diaper Change

Cloth diaper fastener:

I usually use pocket, all-in-one, or all-in-two style of diapers. However, on occasions when I want my daughters tush to get a little fresh air without running the risk of creating a puddle, I use prefolds and I have been able to get a great hold with Snappi. These and other fasteners on the market have replaced the old style “pins” that my mom used to use on me. I also use them with snapless fitteds for overnight, with or without covers.

That's me in a pinned on diaper!

That’s me in a pinned on diaper!

Storing diapers ready to wash:

I use a regular plastic trash can with a foot peddle for the lid as our diaper pail. I line it with a Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner which makes it easy to turn out the contents into the washing machine, set my options, and walk away. The elastic around the top keeps it in place and the generous size holds what ever my daughter can dish out. When we moved, I even used our pail liners as laundry bags. They have taken quite a beating between two children and family use and they are still in great shape.

Washing diapers:

There can be (and has been) discussions on cloth diaper detergents alone. Regardless of what detergent I use, I run the occasional wash with RLR to help remove any build up. I also use on regular clothing, especially if my whites start looking a little dingy. In the dryer, I still use these and these wool dryer balls to help clean my inserts fluffy and help them dry quicker. I hang diaper covers to dry on my Ikea drying rack.

baby leg giveaway Collage

You now have a chance to win a couple of my favorite cloth diaper accessories: two sets of baby or toddler leg warmers and a pack of neon colored Snappi fasteners by following the link below. A winner will be selected, be notified by email, and have 24 hours to claim their prize. Giveaway ends May 25, 2015 at 11:59pm. Open to US only. Good luck!

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41 thoughts on “Favorite Cloth Diaper Accessories

  1. april h says:

    I think the Snappi will be the most useful for us. We were gifted a bunch of prefolds for our little one, so will need to get some snappis before they arrive!

  2. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    Wet bags are probably my favorite cloth diaper accessories, but when it comes to cuteness baby legs win!

  3. Amanda Chapman says:

    Baby legs are really cute even though I have never actually had a pair. But wetbags are super useful. Even when my older boys were out of diapers I still kept a bag in the car. It came in handy many times.

  4. We haven’t started cloth diapering yet, but I’m thinking we’ll really love a diaper sprayer and a spray pal; it may get hubbie to help with the diaper laundry 🙂

  5. Sarah L says:

    I love my CJ’s Spritz o’ Butter. Sometimes I use something a little bit more powerful, but when my daughter just needs something to tone down a little bit of redness, the spritz is wonderful and easy.

  6. I have three wetbags and I use them all the time. They’d be my first recommendation, but I also have a diaper diamond and cloth wipes, which have both been great!

  7. cassie D. says:

    I don’t have a favorite yet as, still waiting for our little girl to make her appearance! But I do think snappis and a wet bag are good ones!

  8. Keara B. says:

    My favorite accessory is probably cloth-safe rash cream. (We particularly love Motherlove.) My daughter has really sensitive skin so this is a must for us!

  9. I’m pretty sure that if I can get my hands on a Snappi, that will be my favorite accessory. As of right now, we don’t use anything but prefolds, flats, flour sack towels and receiving blankets with covers so a Snappi would definitely come in handy. 🙂

  10. Karen Waldorf says:

    I love Baby legs, but I don’t really consider them a cloth diaper accessory, they are a great clothing option no matter how you diaper your baby! My favorite cloth diaper accessories are wet bags and a diaper sprayer!

  11. karenwaldorf says:

    I love Baby Legs, but I don’t really consider them a cloth diaper accessory since they are a great clothing option no matter how you diaper your baby! My favorite cloth diaper accessories are wet bags (got to have a good place to store your dirty diapers) and a diaper sprayer (not absolutely essential but makes cloth diapering so much easier!). Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  12. Jessica J says:

    I used pockets with my first, and just discovered covers with my second. Covers are AWESOME! We just stick in an insert or pad-fold prefolds. It would be nice to practice other prefold methods (like using Snappis)!

  13. So far, my favorite accessory are the wet bags, because the prints are so adorable and they are functional! But I’m betting I will love the leggings too!

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