Is Winter Over Yet?

I have been having a bit of mommy guilt lately. It seems like we’ve had more sick days than good days lately and I can’t help feel like it’s because they are in daycare all day now. Via Facebook, I know it’s not just us dealing with a steady stream of viruses and there are places getting way worse weather than we are here in Dayton, Ohio. However, none of it makes me feel any better when the past few weekends we have just ended up home all day because someone can’t be far from a bathroom or box of tissues.

With a forecast of a record low highs, I am taking a moment to think about the fun moments we’ve had this winter. I realized that I never finished my Christmas post. We were able to have some fun times over the holidays.

My baby turned 4 in January. Four! Sometimes it feels like she’s always been here and other times it seems like I just blinked and I have a little girl where a toddler was just standing.


For her birthday, we ended up with a snow day and school was cancelled so her and her sister hung out with Daddy and played in the snow most of the day. To celebrate her birthday, we took her ice skating and went to Proto Build Bar to let her play the Giant Claw. She got a ball bouncy ball which I am surprised has not knocked something over in this house yet.

kelsey birthday Collage

My mother made her a gorgeous Elsa dress for her a while back that she seemed to finally grow into overnight. A good snow gave us a chance to head to a local park and quickly have a little fun taking some pictures. (She has a couple pairs of pants and fuzzy boots on underneath and we were only out of the car for a few minutes. Besides, the cold never bothered her anyways.)


We have been taking advantage of time to play in the snow whenever we can. Of course, we have been bringing the snow inside when we can to let the girls play with it. They have been putting the arctic animals play set they got for Christmas and Frozen figurines to good use. With so much “crud” going around I don’t want to go to any indoor playground areas right now. When the weather is warm enough we go to the playground nearby or just play outside. We even made our first snowman!


Kelsey also started dance lessons at Jeraldyne’s School of Dance. She has been loving it and can’t wait until the next week. Both girls have also enjoyed getting to watch the big kids, which is actually the second company modern class, before and after Kelsey’s class.


Not to be left out, how cute is Aubrey with this little ponytail? The ladies at her daycare started putting them in since her hair is starting to get into her eyes.


At least I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows for some flexibility. I was able to go ahead and get a new car which was an overdue purchase. I have even had both girls in the office with me at different times when they couldn’t go to school but Mom and Dad had to work.


This past weekend Kelsey was sick Thursday – Saturday, my husband was sick Sunday (we were supposed to be going to see the Dayton Ballet), and then Aubrey got what ever it was on Monday-Tuesday. I feel like I am a ticking time bomb while hoping I don’t get it and that it will be gone from our house soon. Where we these “immunities” they are supposed to be building? It’s been a never ending cycle lately since it seems like the moment every one is good, someone catches something again. All I know is at least we have a washer and dryer and don’t pay for water.

I am still working on the whole work/life balance thing but I think it will get better eventually. I am definitely looking forward to being get out more on the weekends. We may even get crazy and make it to a ski mountain this winter and go snow tubing. Let’s just get through the next couple days first.

Stay warm out there.


12 thoughts on “Is Winter Over Yet?

  1. Robin says:

    We are stuck in the cycle too, luckily I can work from home when I need too but it’s hard to get much done with a sick toddler

  2. Beth R says:

    That frozen dress is adorable. It looks like she had a great birthday. I know what you mean about spring though. We are suppose to get over 6 inches of snow here this weekend. ughh!

  3. Erin B. says:

    It seems never ending! Can’t wait to get outside and play when it gets warmer:) Your daughter is so cute in that Frozen dress!

  4. Melissa Decroteau says:

    Ugh I’m so ready for winter to be over too. I feel so bad that my boys are stuck in the house ALL day. We have had over 100 inches of snow. So even if we were to bundle up there’s just no where to go! They’d sink in over there heads haha

  5. Tanya R says:

    Your daughter is very cute. Every time someone says their kids have grown so fast makes me not want to miss a thing with my baby.

  6. Miriam Matheny says:

    The Elsa dress is adorable! Hopefully spring comes soon so we can trade the viruses for allergies 😉

  7. mathlovinmomma says:

    I’m getting cabin fever here too, even though I only have one and she’s not in daycare. We’re teething so everyone is extra tired and not feeling up to doing much besides what is necessary!

    Love this post!

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