Running the Dayton Baton

I had a fun day today. One of the projects I’ve been working on was a meet and greet with the choreographer of the show that the dance company I work for, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, is performing this Saturday. As part of the social media blitz we’ve been trying to do, I decided to take over the Dayton Baton for today.



On my morning commute.

6Started printing programs up for the show this Saturday in the office today.

5They were getting some last minute rehearsal time in today before moving to the Victoria Theatre for the rest of the week.

4Picked up lunch at The Deli.

2The event I helped plan went well and was held at Warped Wing Brewing Company based here in Dayton, Ohio.

3Wheat Penny provided some pizzas for munching. They were really good.

1Got to chit chat with the choreographer, Kiesha Lalama. We’ve been working on stuff via email so it was nice to actually get to talk with her since she’s usually in rehearsal when she’s in town.

Are you in the Dayton, Ohio area? HeartShakes, performed by Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, is at the Victoria Theatre this Saturday, 1/31/15, at 7:30p. Tickets can be purchased at Use promo code Heart15 for 10% off your tickets!


Step2 Sit & Play Giveaway Coming Soon

Spring will be here soon! What better way to get prepared for the kids to be able to play outside in the warm sunshine than with a Step2 Sit and Play Picnic Table with Umbrella Giveaway?

Giveaway Dates: February 1-18th, 2015 


Hosted by So Simply Stephanie



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Bloggers $5- Includes 3 links of your choice (no Google+) 


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The Joy of a $2 Cash Register

A while back we were given a cute wooden toy kitchen. In addition to picking up some play food, I wanted to get a few “pantry” items but all the kits I came across either had pieces too big or too many to fit in the small spaces. I ended up hanging on to a couple of cereal sample boxes and other small boxes to recover and a few small items like a small container of sour cream and half and half to serve as pantry and refrigerator items.

If you’d like some printables, here are some fun labels ready to go. I also added a barcode to every item and covered everything in packing tape (I tip I picked up from a children’s museum) to help them survive.

My daughter has enjoyed playing with the kitchen but she also loves her shopping cart. I was finally able to repurpose the items into a grocery store set up with a recent thrift store purpose. I happened upon a $2 cash register that beeps, and has a cash drawer and card swipe sounds, and both girls love it.


I may be more excited than my daughter about the possibilities: our coffee maker and pretend cookie tray can be a coffee shop, the pizza play set can be a full on restaurant, etc. Now that the younger one is beginning to interact and understand more, it’s fun to try to create play set ups that they can enjoy together.

Easy Grocery Store Play Set Up:

  • A couple of boxes and small grocery items that have been washed
  • Cover with some pretend labels to create a variety
  • Use some reusable or store shopping bags (you can just use the bag to store the rest of the items)
  • Toy cash register or calculator and play money

Designate an area to set up the store and some where to be the check out area. Stand back and let kiddos play!

Check out MommyCon 2015 Events!

My husband is already sick of me talking about it, but I am on a mission to make it to MommyCon this year! I was trying to figure out how to make going to Chicago from Dayton without the little ones when I found out there will be a 2015 date in Ohio. EEK! It’s going to be in Columbus so I can just make a day trip out of it.

I can’t wait. Some of my favorite bloggers and educators like The Baby Guy NYC and Dirty Diaper Laundry are set to be on the tour. I hear the prizes and swag are amazing. With my littlest already a running ball of energy, I am planning on going by myself to spend the day soaking up as much of the seminars, workshops, and exhibits as possible. Don’t get me wrong, it is very kid-friendly – in fact children under 16 can attend free with paying parents – and I know I’ll probably wish I had brought my kids at certain points, but it’s an opportunity to, hopefully, get a little mommy rejuvenation time.

More information about the Columbus, Newport Beach and Seattle will be released February 1st, but you can visit MommyCon on the web and learn about their stops in Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Orlando, and Washington D.C. You have plenty of time to make plans to get to one near you this year. If there is a location you are interested in, scroll to the bottom to find the link to the Facebook group for the event and get in touch with other attendees. Of course, you can also follow them on social media to keep up to date with what is going on (and there are giveaways every now and then).

I hope you can make it to one, too! If you do, use the promo code DOMESTIC15 for $5 off your general admission ticket (only good on general admission, not pre-sale or VIP). Have fun!