Easy Ringmaster Costume

Last year I managed to find two of the same tiger costumes in the sizes for my daughters for this year for $5 each on local yard sale Facebook groups. That determined that this year we were doing a circus them for Halloween!


The tiger costumes just needed a good washing to brighten them up and trim a few loose threads. I found an item at a thrift store that was made of red sequin fabric that had seen better days so I cut it apart to make bows for the head and tail (I used this same basic fabric bow process for the ones on the head). Done! They actually really enjoy wearing these so I decided not to tempt fate by trying to draw whiskers on them.

The benefit of knowing what you want to do well in advance of Halloween is that you can take advantage of getting the items you need when you see them. The ringmaster costume basically hinged on being able to find a red jacket so I was thrilled when I walked into a thrift store while visiting family in Florida a few months back and found one that also happened to be half off that day.

Fast forward to about a month ago when JoAnn’s had a percent off your whole purchase coupon available. I used ready made shoulder pads that were already black and the base for the epaulettes. I than eyeballed the length I would need of gold fringe trim to go around the shoulder pads. I hot glued the fringe around the rounded edge of the shoulder pads and then hot glued the shoulder pad on to the jacket. I had just a little piece left over so I hot glued that on the front chest.


For the front of the jacket, I eyeballed the length needed of a black and gold cord I found. I put tape around I would cut the piece apart and then heat sealed it. I then hot glued the cord into place. I also removed the lower buttons to mimic a military style jacket and reinforced the remaining buttons so they wouldn’t fall off.

Add a top hat with a dollar tree red sequin headband around it and an inexpensive black bowtie. I put them all over a white button down, dark fitted pants, and knee high boots I already owned. Here is more “Pinspiration” that I gathered.

Now, we are just hoping for decent weather to go trick or treating. We have a red wagon with a canopy so it will look like an old fashion animal train car. My husband will be in all khaki with a safari hat and whip as the animal tamer. The circus will be in town! Happy Halloween!


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