Apples, Apples, Apples!

We went apple picking at the start of the month. It is something I wanted to do last year but we finally did it this year. It was great to let the girls walk around and pluck them right off the tree. After picking strawberries and raspberries this summer, Kelsey had the drill down. I just needed to show her once what to do and she was off. Aubrey was happy to take them out, taste test a few, and put them back in the bag. It only took about half an hour to fill a half bushel to overflowing.

apple picking Collage

Of course, Kelsey had two and Aubrey had one apple right off the tree. We made caramel apples at Aubrey’s birthday party. Apple pancakes, oatmeal with apples. A few batches of applesauce in the crockpot and lots of sliced apples for snacks and with meals. Today we finished off the last of it by making some apple pie filling to toss in the freezer for a later time, maybe Thanksgiving.

Kelsey has been familiar with the life cycle of butterflies but when we found a tadpole this summer, we really got into life cycles. This was another opportunity to discuss how trees grow from seeds and we plant seeds to grow plants and trees that give us food. Of course, this was a little confusing because she was not happy about me roasting pumpkin seeds instead of planting them.


Thanks, apples, for seeing us into fall, pumpkins will taking it from here. I have already roasted two, with the puree sitting in the freezer. So far, we’ve made pumpkin spice syrup for coffee, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin French toast. And, there are still two more pumpkins sitting outside waiting to be cooked.

I wish our butternut squash had done better in our garden, but at least we’ve been able to get a great variety of local produce to choose from. After our morning of apple picking, we played at one of the nature play areas with a creek next to it. Playing in creeks and turning over rocks has become of my 3 year olds favorite things now and now, apparently, my almost 1 year old likes it to. Can’t wait to see what else fall brings.



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