Happy National Dance Day!

Happy National Dance Day, everyone. I celebrated by checking out a Babywearing Ballet class in Cincinnati, Ohio at Blue Cocoon.


Babywearing Ballet in a Catbird Baby Pikkolo

I have heard of it and it certainly looked like a good opportunity to do something for me while keeping baby close, but I still wasn’t sure what to expect. It really does make you use your core muscles and it took a little bit to figure out where my center was an extra 18 pounds on my back. Most importantly, it was nice to spend some time with other babywearing mommies and babies while doing something interesting.

Turns out the teacher of this class, Jess Elaine, who is a blogger, also teaches at a dance studio in the Dayton, Ohio suburbs so here’s hoping we can get some classes in our neck of the woods. I can’t wait to see the pictures C&T Photography took. They were all over the place with a baby on their back, too.


Today was also an excuse for a little baby/mommy time. After the class, we checked out Blue Cocoon. Really cute stuff for Mom and babies and a wall of anything breast pump and parts you could possibly need. They also have a variety of classes for parents. Talk about making breastfeeding mainstream – they’ve made it main street with “breastfeeding” and “lactation” on the windows.

She was tutu cute crawling around in her tutu!

She was tutu cute crawling around in her tutu!

We walked around a little and had a quick lunch at European Café – tasty BLT and Peach Italian Soda – before heading back home. Aubrey was a fun date and only stole a few of my chips.

My date.

My date.


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