Catching Fireflies and Catching Up

Each day seems to go by slowly but I blink and the week is over. With an infant pulling my attention often, I don’t always feel like I get a lot of one-on-one time with my now 3.5 year old.

She ended up taking a later nap today so, between that and a messy 9 month old after dinner, I did early baths and we came back downstairs to watch a movie and wait for the fireflies to come out. The past few evenings, they have been out and I have been able to go out and watch them but Kelsey’s bedtime is before the sun goes down right now. Thankfully, the baby went down early enough that my husband and I were able to spend a little time with her outside this evening.

When I told her we were going to try to see some she was so cute and said, “We go outside to look at the fireflies. They light our way.” It didn’t take her long to spot them and figure out how to catch them in a jar. She particularly enjoyed letting them go.


Once we came in it was time to get her settled for bed. I usually have the task of getting the baby down but instead I was able to lay down in her bed with her. She has a little bit of a fascination with camping right now (even though she hasn’t been yet) so my husband made a tent over her bed with a sheet to sleep under the past few nights.

It is crazy how all of a sudden a few months ago she started stringing these long accounts of the day and her thoughts together. So, laying under her tent, she told me all about the fireflies we just saw and how she caught two, and how you can’t run to catch them, you have to walk slowly. When I don’t have a baby squirming on and off my lap, or I am not trying to do 3 things at once or I don’t have a laptop open next to me I don’t really mind laying there listening to her talk.

I just couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the moment. It seems like no time has passed and 100 years have passed in the past 3 and it catches me off guard every now and then how much she has grown and how smart she is. Just another reminder to make the time to spend with her.


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