Memorial Day 2014

When I worked for the Girl Scouts a few years back and when we lived in Dayton the first time, one of my tasks was coordinating Girl Scout participation for the annual grave decorating at the Dayton National Cemetery.


We have gone to some sort of Memorial Day observance every year since Kelsey was born but I was happy to be able to bring her out to this event this year. I think it is important for her to have some sort of foundation for understanding the sacrifices that others in her fathers line of work have made.


I know that it was just fun to her to put the flags at the tombstones but it also gives us a moment to explain why we where doing it and that the flags doesn’t touch the ground, etc. Of course, there was also time to roll around in the grass and do a letter scavenger hunt while we waiting.

My husband’s grandfather was career military as was his father. What I think is an interesting fact from his family is that everyone one of this aunts and uncles (there are 8 of them total) served for at least some time, as well. For me, I think the military is a sort of family tradition and would not be surprised if our daughters went into the service when they were old enough.


The rest of the weekend we will just be a regular family enjoying some time together and hanging out with neighbors. It is good to remember those that do not have their family members with them anymore but it is also good to celebrate the family we do have.

What did your family do this weekend?


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