A Day at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The USO of Central Ohio, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Pepsi, and Kroger partnered to donate 10,000 tickets to the opening weekend of Zoombezi Bay, a water park on the grounds of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, to military members and their families. I know we were thrilled to find out about this great offer and I know lots of other families were, too.


As much as I was looking forward to it, mid-60 degree weather was just a little too chilly for us to enjoy the water but thankfully it included entry to the zoo and aquarium as well. Turns out sunny and a little cool is great zoo weather! We had a great day and it was really nice to be able to take Kelsey to see the animals, since she loves looking at them and take Aubrey to her first time to a zoo.


Not only is there the zoo, but there is an aquarium, a separate area with amusement rides, and, finally, the water park, Zoombezi Bay. We’ll definitely have to try to make it back since they are opening their Heart of Africa exhibit this coming weekend which happens to be my favorite area, as far as zoo animals are concerned. Check out Columbus Zoo and Aquarium online for tons of other events, programs, and information.


I can’t thank businesses enough that give military families these types of opportunities. If you are military, find your local USO on Facebook so you can find out about activities in your area (Sesame Street should be coming here next month!). If you are near Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, I would recommend checking them out – Military Family Free Days June 30-July 6, 2014.




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