Aubrey’s First Official Food

Aubrey had her first official food today. I have let her gum on bananas and apple slices but last night we baked an extra sweet potato and I added just enough water to get it smooth in the blender. The “hardest” part of sweet potato puree is getting it separated into small containers.

Last night is also when I realized I wasn’t ready for Aubrey eating yet. I had to rearrange the table and chairs and wipe down a booster and tray that have been sitting in storage. Today I had to fish around for the baby spoon and a bib. I have all the stuff but forgot it’s been two years since I used them.


Aubrey was a little unsure about her first bite of sweet potatoes but kept reaching for more and already has her hands on the spoon. Since it was the first time, I only gave her about a tablespoon worth. She started crying when it was done! I gave her a little bit more. We’ll see if sweet potatoes like her back.



Well, at least I think she ate some. There’s a lot left behind on that face.



One thought on “Aubrey’s First Official Food

  1. Beth R says:

    She is so cute! I think all of our boys’ first food was avocado. They still love it today! It does look like she enjoyed it though

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