Big Sister

It has been interesting to watch how Kelsey has been doing with being a big sister. Aubrey is 6 months old now and we’ve gone through a couple of phases of this whole sibling thing.

It took me by surprise that she asked to hold Aubrey the day she got home from the hospital. It surprises me still how much she hugs on her and asks to hold her on a regular basis. We are, however, still working on gentle touching since Kelsey will tug on Aubrey’s arm, or try to pat her on the head, or pull or squeeze a little too hard while hugging.


I never entirely feel like I’m giving them equal attention but I try to give them one on one attention when I can. Unfortunately, I do sometimes get “put her down” when the baby has been particularly clingy and I haven’t been able to get her out of my arms most of the day. It’s not always easy juggling the two of them. Everything will be fine and then all at once, one is crying, one is pooping, the dog wants to go out, and the phone is ringing.

Overall, she seems to be taking it all in stride. She likes to help by picking out diapers, picking out clothes, and putting clothes away for me. Aubrey will be fussy or trying to chew on something that she shouldn’t be and Kelsey will go over and grab a baby toy for her. She’ll also take toys away from her when she wants them so, you know, it’s a work in progress.

Bath toys and tea party pieces are unwillingly shared but I do think she looks forward to Aubrey playing with her soon enough. In the meanwhile, Kelsey has become better at playing by herself.

tea party

I think she likely had these qualities before Aubrey came along, but Kelsey has shown she is thoughtful, caring and tolerant. At every step of the way with her for the past few years I’ve always been nervous about how she’ll react to things and always been prepared for the worst. Too many horror stories from other parents, I guess. She has always handled things great. I need to stop worrying so much and enjoy them a bit more.


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