Mr. Brown Can Moo! Matching Game

Mr Brown Collage

Kelsey got a matching game for Christmas and has been playing with them regularly since. I was trying to think of a game to play for Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? and decided to make a matching game.


  • words printed on cardstock (2 copies)
  • contact paper or laminating system
  • scissors
  • optional – colored paper or construction paper to back words if you don’t have cardstock

Print the pdf file of words Mr. Brown says (there are only 8 here) and cut apart. Back them with colored paper or construction paper if you can see words through the paper. Waterproof (and preschooler proof them) by sealing them in contact paper or laminating them if you’d like.

We started by reading Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? before we played the game. We reviewed how to play matching cards (putting them upside down to start, flipping two over at a time to see if you have a match, etc.). Very simple but she immediately wanted to play several times in a row.

I chose to print the words since she knows that letters make up words and it gave us yet another chance to identify letters. I also helped her a little by making the words different colors but you could print these in black and white for older kids. You could also do this by matching the word to a picture of the item. She started memorizing the words after the second time we played.


Speaking of enjoying, do you own Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? If you are looking to add to your Dr. Seuss collection, check out this offer for 5 books for just $5.95!


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