Magnet Letter Matching

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Since about the Fall timeframe I’ve been working with Kelsey on identifying her lower case letters and matching them to the upper case letters she already knew. There are tons of ideas out there and I also made sets out of Easter eggs so she could start associating them. One idea I saw used stickers to match the letters on a poster board. I liked it but wanted something more reusable.


  • packing paper or other thin but sturdy large sheet of paper
  • marker
  • refrigerator magnet letter set

I already had a set of letter magnets that we had been using to familiarize Kelsey with the letters and she enjoys playing with magnets on the fridge so it was something for her do to in the kitchen but stay out of the way while I was cooking. Thankfully, my husband and the foresight to hang on to some of the packing paper from our move this past summer.

I decided to write all the lower case letters on the paper, jumbling them up so she’d have to look for them. Then I just used magnets to put in on the front of the refrigerator.

It worked as I thought it would from the beginning. However, 26 letters is a lot so she’d lose interest in the activity about halfway through. I would shake up the letters in the container so that hopefully she’d be working with different letters each time she played. Eventually, as she got better at identifying them she would do more and more letters at a time until she could match them all in one session.

Since Kelsey started preschool in January, they have been working on letter sounds. So now when we play with these, I ask her to tell me the letter sound when she pulls a letter out of the container before she matches it. I think I may use this concept to write her first and last name and have her match the letters to help her start learning to recognize them and, hopefully, spell them.

2014_02_22_5603 pic

Variation – You can also use a regular poster board and matching puzzle piece letters to the drawn lower case letter.


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