Easy Sewing Projects

With two little girls now, it is a little trickier to find matching outfits for holidays and special events without breaking the bank. Enter the sewing machine! My mother had been trying to get me to learn how to sew for years. Two years ago I finally made it my New Year’s resolution to sew a pillowcase dress by the end of the year. I made it in the nick of time and made her a Christmas dress. Since then, I’ve been doing little projects here and there. I decided to make Christmas dresses for the girls this past year and made some matching Valentine’s Day outfits, too. Here are some easy – as in, if I made it, then you can, too if you can turn on your machine and sew in a relatively straight line – tutorials I found around online. 2013_12_01-ChromAbbr-1055 T-Shirt Dresses I decided to make these dresses based on t-shirt dresses so I wouldn’t have to worry about creating the neckline or sleeves. The babies’ dress is based on this tutorial 10-Minute Onesie Dress by Pretty Prudent. However, since I had two coordinating fabrics I wanted to incorporate into each dress I used the ruffle from this T-Shirt Dress tutorial by Treasures for Tots. For the other dress, I want a tiered dress so I used the same Pretty Prudent tutorial for the top tier, putting it just below the armpit area. Then, I used the Treasures for Tots tutorial without a ruffle for the second tier. I was pretty proud of my first attempts at ruffles. I’d almost recommend using a one size too big for the onesie dress since sewing it eats up some of the length. In addition, I’d make the first tier shorter on the t-shirt dress so you can see the lower tier fabric better if I did this again. For the hair, I made two of my Ribbon Flower bows and wrapped a dollar store headband with ribbon to glue Kelsey’s on to instead of a clip. 2014_02_07_5467 Skirts and Dress I admit I was a bit intimidated to try a skirt for some reason. Let me tell you, this is the easiest thing in the world to make and the fabric choices are endless. I already decided to take a break for St. Paddy’d Day, but I’m already scouting fabric for the next set of skirts to make. It took less than a yard to make both of these and less than a yard of elastic so it was only a few bucks. I followed this Simple Skirt tutorial from You & Mie as directed for Kelsey’s skirt. It came out a touch too long, but at least it still covers her tush when she’s playing and she’s into “ballerina” skirts, as she calls them, so it will be a decent length on her for a while. I followed this Pretty Prudent Pillowcase Baby Dress only, I just folded the arm holes and top stitched instead of using bias tape. I just drew the shape to cut out on the wrong side of one of the pieces of fabric and pinned it, right sides facing, to the other layer to cut it out. I like that it was a more fitted, A-line style dress, but one if the benefits to a wider topped pillowcase dress is that it leaves plenty of room for growth. Both of these options make it pretty easy to layer or pair with any onesie or top you already have. For the hair, I made a headband and a fabric bow with the left over fabric. In general, it’s easy to combine ideas and patterns to get the look you’d like while not spending a lot of money. I think the Simple Skirt would be great for Halloween and dress up costumes, too. Have fun sewing! (In September I ended up making matching skirts with owl print fabric for Aubrey’s 1st birthday party!)


One thought on “Easy Sewing Projects

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    I’d like to try the Simple Skirt tutorial because it looks so easy and my daughter wears a lot of skirts!

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