Easy T-shirt Door Wreath

Sometimes I get in the mood to decorate or make something seasonal but I don’t like spending a lot to do it. I came up with this easy, no sew wreath made with thrift store t-shirts.


What you’ll need:
– t-shirts to cut up
– scissors
– a wreath shape
– for optional poof: felt, glue gun/sticks, can or other round shape to trace

I figured 4 different colors would make a nice Valentine’s wreath but you’ll have to decide for yourself based on the colors you want it to be and the size of your wreath. 4 t-shirts left me with a little extra on my 18′ wreath so you may want to use more or less.

I picked t-shirts that were 50% off that day so I only spent about $2 for them all. You’ll want to pick shirts that are blank on at least one side of the shirt. You could also just purchase jersey fabric at your local fabric store if you didn’t feel like hunting the racks. I also found my wreath shape on a previous thrift store trip for a few bucks but you could pick one up at a craft store.


Start by cutting the t-shirts in half, separating front from back up to the armpits. Keep the sleeves in tact, however, if you’d like to try another craft with them. Then, cut them into strips. I cut mine about 3 inches wide but use your judgment based on preference and size of your wreath.


Once all your strips are cut and you’ve decided what order you want to put them in, start tying them on around your wreath shape and double knot them. Once you have covered the wreath, trim the tails so they are all about the same length for a neater look. Finally, trim off the neck from one of the shirts to loop on to the wreath to hang it.


You can stop here or if you’d like, you can add a few embellishments. I choose to make these little poofs with some of the extra material from the top of the t-shirt. Use a can or cup to trace then cut out 5-6 circles. Cut a little circle of felt to glue your t-shirt circles on to. Shape them into a V then glue down the first 4 in a circle then glue the final 1-2 into the center. Glue the whole thing in to the wreath.


Voila! A wreath for every season! I actually took apart the Valentine’s Day one I made and remade it with spring colors.


So, what to do with the extra t-shirt pieces? Stay tuned for my follow-up post.

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