Quick Valentine’s Day Cards

We recently spent yet another day inside thanks to all the snow we’ve been having. I decided to take advantage of the baby taking a nice, long nap to go ahead and get some quick Valentine’s made for some family.

Kelsey likes stamping so I picked up on some Valentine’s stamps and ink. I also have a stash of plain cards. I just let her go crazy with the stamping to decorate the outside. It’s a nice way to get her involved even though she can’t do too much yet (in the way of crafting, that is).


Kelsey knows her letters but she can’t spell yet so I did the inside message for her but we did do some letter recognition since she had to find the letters for me.


I let her keep stamping away while I finished getting the cards ready to go. That’s it! Simple but cute. Now I just have to remember to send them off.



BONUS CRAFT! Sticky Paper “Suncatchers”

I never shared this last year, but this is a pretty easy one for the toddler set (and can really be adapted to any holiday). There are tons of tutorials on Pintrest but basically, you just need some contact paper, tissue paper, and construction paper.

I cut the tissue paper up into shreds and placed them in a bowl for Kelsey. I then cut out a heart shape from the construction paper and prepped it on the contact paper for her.


Once she checked out the contact paper and got the idea of what she was supposed to do, she got to work. She enjoyed it so much I also put the rest of the construction paper down so she could fill in that heart and we ended up with a cute Valentine’s place mat along with the suncatcher!




One thought on “Quick Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great ideas! I’m collecting ideas for when the baby I nanny is old enough for projects like these. We’ll have fun trying this next Valentine’s Day!

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