Exploring Some Inside Fun

With the freezing temperatures and snow still going on, we haven’t been getting out of the house as often as usual. After a couple days at home in a row we tend to get a bit of cabin fever. Thankfully, the roads are passable, at least after the initial snow and wind, so we’ve been checking out a few new-to-us places.

Tiny Thursdays

This week, we finally checked out Tiny Thursdays at the Dayton Art Institute. We started our Museum Kids Club card this past summer taking advantage of the free admission thru the Blue Star Museums program. This was a nice little program, $8 for non-members and $6 for members for a 2-5 year old and their caregiver. It’s basically the same as if you took your child for the day since regular admission is $8 for adults and free for children.

The majority of the program took place in the Experiencenter, kid friendly exhibit, where Kelsey was able to run around and play with musical instruments and blocks before and after. We began with storytime, reading books incorporating the theme of the month (in this case, shapes). We were then guided into a few rooms of the museum and each child was given a card with a shape that they had to try to find around the room. We then went back to the studio room and each child got to decorate a mask, cut out to resemble African masks, with shape foam stickers.

I suppose we could have stayed in the room or the museum as long as we wanted, but I did feel like there could have been a bit more to the art activity. I expected the kids to do something with paints or, I don’t know, some sort of artistic medium. I mistakenly said something about painting on our way to the museum so I still owe her a painting project that I told her we’d do when we got home.


Roller Skating

We took advantage of Kids Skate Free to get free admission to a local roller skating rink and take Kelsey roller skating for the first time. It was $3 to rent skates and $5 to rent a “walker” on wheels for her. Turns out we didn’t need it because she didn’t really want to use it. She also didn’t really want to skate in the wood after our first lap around but she was all about skating on the carpet.

We do have a pair of snap on over sneakers skates that we’ll take with us next time. We’ll also likely take some quarters for the arcade since, overall, it’s not a bad way to get out of the house for a while.


Free Indoor Playground

Local Mommy Facebook groups are a great way to find hidden gems in your city. There are two churches not too far from us that have indoor playgrounds. After hearing about one of them, I decided to check one out in Centerville at Fairhaven Church. This is a nice place. They have a coffee shop, Common Grounds, with affordable and yummy lattes. They also had a few snacks and bottled drinks. I think they know they have a captive audience.

I took my coffee and Kelsey took her cheese stick and we checked the place out a bit. The children’s area has gorgeous, bright murals all over. There is also an open area with tables and seating areas for people to chat as well as have a snack or lunch. The play area is enclosed with the wall facing the eating/seating area all windows. There are only 2 doors so it’s pretty easy to keep tabs on the kiddos.

There is a flat, soft-structures area for the 0-2 set to crawl and climb on. For the 3-6 year olds there is a fairly large play structure where they can climb, and slide, and push balls around to there hearts content. Or, until they get hungry enough to stop and eat. Either way, they’ll likely pass out in the car on the way home.


Activities at Stores

I love these year round but today we trekked out to our local Barnes & Nobel to play with LEGOs at their LEGO Movie event. While we were there, Kelsey read some books, played with the train set, and the hubby and I enjoyed some lattes. We might head back later this week for a storytime. Next week we’ll likely hit the Home Depot race car build. Between Lowe’s and Home Depot we have a truck, plane, and sailboat so why not add race car to the collection?!


What activities has your family been up to?


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