Getting through Winter by Playing with Snow

Apparently, Dayton, Ohio had been having very mild winters the three years we were living in Tampa. Well, Mother Nature decided to make up for it and give us a grand welcome this year! No trick-or-treating due to rainy, windy weather and it has been snowing off and on since early December. After a slight thawing out from the Polar Vortex, it’s been snowing again the past three days.


While I am pretty much over it, Kelsey has been loving it. Who knew my little Florida born baby would be such a snow bunny! At least a couple days a week she has been out playing in the snow. Unfortunately, when the baby takes a nap, by the time I get Kelsey bundled up and ready to go out, she wakes up. So glad I came across a bunch of pins on Pintrest and got the idea to bring the snow indoors.

She loves playing with sand and loves filling and dumping water in the bathtub so it’s nice to give her the chance to play with the snow without risking frostbite. It’s pretty simple, just get a big bin or underbed storage bin without the top and scoop a bunch of snow into it. Put a blanket or towels down and give them a bunch of things to play with. I’ve seen themed ones with ice cream sets or winter animal toys but I just give Kelsey a bunch of cups, spoons, shovel, pail, ice cube trays or any mix of them and she’ll play for a good long while which is great while I’m trying to nurse Aubrey. Aubrey also found Kelsey playing with it fascinating.


We had a little fun putting water outside to freeze it and play with it like blocks. We tossed boiling hot water into the cold air and watched it turn into a cloud of snow. We’ve had lots of talks about ice, ice melting, snow, and cold.

We’ve also been getting out in the snow. We’ve taken little walks here and there. We took Kelsey sledding for the first time. We’ve made some snowballs. I still haven’t figured out getting a snowman started, though. Also, Kelsey doesn’t get making snow angels. We still have plenty to do next year. I’m thankful that my husband plays along with my requests to take Kelsey outside because I can’t be out there nearly as much as I’d like.


It’s only January so winter isn’t going away any time soon. We’ll get through it. For those of you not in Florida, what has your family been up to in the snow?

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