FabKids Review

I received an email invitation for a free 3-piece outfit and a code for a free dress or pants with my Shutterfly Christmas card order in the same week for FabKids.com. I had been eyeing the clothes on the site for a little while but had been a bit gun shy about buying. The two codes at the same time plus $4.95 for shipping meant I could get some cute clothes for Kelsey’s 3rd birthday. You can check out FabKids here.

fabkids Collage

Sometimes, it pays to wait. It also pays to go thru all that “junk mail” that comes on its own or with another purchase. In addition, it’s not a bad idea to sign up for those email lists, you never know when something good will come thru.

Started by a team of parents, including mom and actress Christina Applegate, FabKids is a way to get stylish outfits in one click. The first time you visit you take a short style quiz and get a personalized FabShop but you can also scroll thru all the collections. FabKids has a VIP membership program where they send you an email with some selections once a month. You can skip a month or as many months as you like or you can purchase an outfit for $29.95. Members get free shipping for orders over $49 but shipping starts at $4.95. You can purchase items without being a member but they cost more.

For the outfit, I went with the Stripes & Graphic Outfit. It included an Owl Graphic Tee (I’m on an owl kick right now for some reason), Pink Skinny Jean, and Glitter Pink Headband. Shortly after I placed my order they made some changes and this outfit selection is currently $29.95 for the tee and jean and the headband is separate for $3.95.


For the dress, I chose the Heart Love Bow Dress, currently at $24.95 but does come in combination with other items as a $29.95 outfit. I thought this would be a nice choice with Valentine’s day not too far away and that I would be able to make it work for the rest of winter with leggings and a sweater and then into spring and summer with shorts and sandals. Dress it up if we had somewhere to go or keep it simple for a day outfit.


I really liked some of the details on the garments. The dress has a side zipper, a bow at the bottom of the faux wrap, and actually has pockets – I want a dress with pockets! I have to hide it in the closet because she won’t take it off once she has it on. I like the owl graphic and colors on the shirt since I think it is feminine without being pink and sparkly. What is a nice soft pink are the jeans and the “diamond” on the button fly is a dainty touch. My daughter likes the headband, as well. I like the shirt and jeans and they will fit into her overall wardrobe but will not likely have Kelsey wearing them as an outfit.

The clothes are really cute but the material is a bit on the thinner side. My daughter is just getting into size 3T so I ordered these all in their size XS/3. The shirt and dress fit with just a little bit of room to grow. The pants were very roomy in the waist which is unfortunate for us since she’s slim in that area but would be good for a child that needed it. Thankfully, the pants have elastic and button size adjusters so I was able to get it to where they wouldn’t fall off her waist the other day when she refused to take them off. She loves zipping them down around the ankles, too.

I think it is a little expensive to stock your wardrobe from FabKids but would be a great gift idea for the little girls in your life. In addition to the outfits, you can purchase items individually and they have a variety of accessories, as well. If you are interested in trying out FabKids for yourself, you can get a second outfit for $20.00 Right now new members can get 2 outfits for $29.95 (that’s 2 for 1!) with free shipping for orders over $49.00. Use my referral link here !

*I was not given any compensation for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.*


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