Pocket Diapers, Keeping a Few Bucks in Your Pocket

Pocket Diapers

Around my older daughters first birthday, my husband and I had decided to look into cloth diapering. We figured if we could get over the hurdle of the initial investment, we knew it would be worthwhile since she still most likely had at least another year in diapers ahead of her. I just happened to walk into the local Once Upon a Child and there were cloth diapers hanging right by the door. It’s like it was a sign!

The yellow stars and yellow behind it in the picture are examples of the ones I bought that day and they are now being used on my second daughter. Since that first handful of diapers I have learned a lot about cloth diapering. I’ve tried several styles of diapers but regardless of what brand, I keep coming back to pocket diapers.

Pocket Diapers are basically a two-part diapering system. The outer part is made up of a waterproof outer layer with an inner layer typically made of fleece or other material that are sewn to together leaving an opening, or pocket. The second part is the insert which goes into the pocket and gives the diaper its absorbency.

Here are the reasons pocket diapers are an affordable and smart choice for cloth diapering.

  • Cost: There is a range of prices for new pocket diapers but there are many that are very affordable. The Diaper Rite and Kawaii One Size Pocket Diapers are under $10 a piece and come with the diaper and 2 microfiber inserts each. You can also find them being resold in local and national resale groups where you could get diapers for as little as $5 or even less.
  • Easy to tailor: There are a variety of insert options out there from bamboo, to hemp, to charcoal, to organic, etc. You can use 1 or 2 inserts or any combination of types of inserts or even prefolds to stuff the pockets to tailor it to your needs and preferences.
  • Lots of options: There are many brands producing pocket diapers with almost endless colors and patterns. You can choose hook and loop type or snap closures. Some brands, like FuzziBunz and Thirsties, sell them in sizes while others, Bumgenius and Rumparooz, sell one size diapers that are adjustable in the rise of the diaper to fit babies from about 8-35 lbs in general.
  • Easy to use: Pocket diapers take an additional step before and after going on the baby but really don’t take that much time or effort. You’ll need to remove the insert from the pocket to launder the diaper in most cases but they tend to dry faster than thicker all-in-one diapers. It just takes a few minutes to stuff the diapers when everything is dry and they go on the tush just like a disposable would making them a good option for the babysitter or daycare.

If you have been on the fence about cloth diapering, pocket diapers are a great way to start. You can find them at Diaper Junction – be sure to click on “Today’s Deals & Coupons” to find out what specials they are running.

Two parts: Pocket diaper and insert

Two parts: Pocket diaper and insert

To use, stuff insert of choice into pocket diaper, put on baby

To use, stuff insert of choice into pocket diaper, put on baby

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One thought on “Pocket Diapers, Keeping a Few Bucks in Your Pocket

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    I think it’s pretty neat that you can also use the shell of a pocket diaper as a cover, in a pinch!

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