Going From 1 to 2

It has been a busy past couple of months. In July we moved from Tampa, Florida back to Dayton, Ohio (where we were before Tampa). We had a good time visiting with my husband’s family on the way in Tennessee.


We landed in Dayton and moved in to our new digs the first week of August. We quickly got to checking out some of the places we used to visit when we last lived here. This time, however, we had a toddler in tow so it was fun to look for things for her to do. I really felt the need to try to get some sightseeing in and do some late summer activities before our new arrival.

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We did a lot and I enjoyed the last few weeks of relative freedom even though I was really dragging as my due date approached.

About a week before my due date I found out that I would not be induced until I was 41 weeks and that I was 1 cm dilated. So began the “maybe tonight, maybe not” waiting game. The in-laws were set to come up the following week after my next appointment so we’d hopefully know sooner when baby would arrive. One tonight as I was dozing off, I woke back up and woke my husband telling him that this baby could not come on September 11th, or 9/11 as most if us refer to it now. I then realized that I really didn’t want her to be born on Friday the 13th either.

A few nights later I was up way too late again after doing more than a ready-to-pop momma should have been and started feeling a little uncomfortable. I drank some water and tried to get to sleep but started to realize that, even though they weren’t the same strength, they were contractions and they were coming at a regular rate. And, that interval was getting closer together.

I called the nurses line at about 2am and told them I thought I was in labor but since, as the nurse put it, I was still “chipper” that I should wait until I was huffing and puffing through the contractions for an hour to go on in. I should stop to remind you that I was completely induced for my first daughter so pretty much everything about early and active labor was different since I got my epidural nice and early.

Half an hour later I was dressed, had moved my “go bag” out of the closet and was waking my husband up telling him it was time to go to the hospital. My contractions were getting stronger and closer together quicker and quicker. I knew that second and subsequent labors were typically faster but it seemed to be going really fast.

We had an old work friend of mine that we had kept in touch with on call to watch Kelsey in case I went in to labor overnight but I felt like was progressing so quickly that I was nervous that in waiting for her to wake up, throw on clothes, drive over (even though she didn’t live that far), and then drive to the hospital that I might not make it. I should also mention, I wanted my epidural, thank you very much.

We woke up Kelsey, threw her in the car, pj’s and all, and just went straight to the hospital. Somewhere in there, we started calling our parents to let them know that they’d likely have a granddaughter by breakfast. I was trying to keep my calls short to squeeze them in between contractions. Note to any grandparents-to-be: That phone call is not the time to ask questions or try to start a conversation.

By 3:30am we were checking in at the hospital and getting the ball rolling. I think my water broke around 4am and it felt like all hell broke lose. Remember the comment about being “chipper?” I was anything but chipper at that point and wanted my damn epidural. I swear I was holding her in with shear will but I just couldn’t get over the mental hurdle to do the final push without the help. The second everything was in place I had a second to collect myself. I had made my husband keep my daughter out of the delivery room but he was able to come in for the grand finale thanks to the nurses keeping my toddler occupied outside.

Aubrey was born at 5:57am, on September 13 (yep, Friday the 13th), 8 lbs 3 oz, and 20.5 inches long making our little family a family of four. We’ve been getting adjusted to life with our two girls and, when things work out, getting out and around Dayton, Ohio. It’s been a whirlwind but I knew I wanted to get back to the blog as a way to record and share it.

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