My Child Has Expensive Tastes

I recently came to the conclusion that Kelsey is going to have some expensive hobbies. I here about some kids having opinions about their clothes and toys. Kelsey has none, most of her clothes and toys are second hand or presents and she could care less what I put on her. I purposefully avoid clothes and toys with licensed characters because I don’t want her to get a favorite item that will eventually need to be moved on. My biggest arguments come in simply getting clothes on her body to leave the house because I believe she’d be happy to go all day wearing nothing but her pink cowboy boots, a bead necklace and a smile.

Where she is going to cost us money is in her hobbies. At not even 2.5 years old she has already shown an interest in a few activities and, time will tell if she pursues any of them, but, it is giving us the impression that she has some expensive tastes and seems to think we are country club members.

So far her favorite interest are guitars and drums, golf, and horse back riding. Could this child please pick at least one activity that won’t cost an arm and a leg?! Thankfully she also likes swimming which is relatively cheap.

Music – Since she loves to strum the strings on my husband’s guitar (and every time she finds one at a friend’s house) we decided to get her a ukulele. While they were bringing a new one from the back, she discovered the junior drum kit, walked behind it, sat down, and started playing it with her hands like she’d done it 100 times. She now walks around the house with her ukulele “singing” and demanding that you alternate singing and “playing” “Twinkle, Twinkle” and the ABC’s with her. Future rockstar?



Golf – We went to a St. Patty’s Day event downtown and the YMCA had an activity area featuring their golf program (which she is no where near being old enough to participate in). There wasn’t much interest so she got some one-on-one time with their staff who showed her how to hold the club and where to hit towards. Since then, if she finds anything resembling a golf club and something to whack it with, she will walk around putting it. At a PGA activity area this week she walked up, pulled a golf out of the bag, stood in position and hit the balls that the attendant put down for her. Future LPGA golfer?


Horse back riding – She had her first pony ride in April and loved it. When we visited my family in Miami we went to an event with pony rides and she somehow got the handler to let her ride around for about 20 minutes. Today she rode her first two horses. Not ponies. Big, huge, full size horses. I am pretty sure looking at them will no longer be an option and riding them will be an expectation. I am screwed. The ladies today noticed she has absolutely no fear of them. When it was time to start riding they told her to say “walk on.” She looked down at the horse and said “Ok, horsey, walk.” Future Olympian?




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