“Enjoying Life” Photo Contest

I’m going to have to take as many pictures as I can before my husband deploys later this year and most likely takes the good camera with him.

I decided to take the camera along on a recent visit to the sprayground and got some great pictures of Kelsey in the fountains and clmbing on the lion statues (which she can now do by herself, oh boy). I managed to snap the shutter right at the exact moment to catch her dumping water over her head which she thinks is hilarious to do. It is second only to pouring the water on me.  Just trying to enjoy this part of our lives.



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Yellow Photo Challenge

I took a few snapshots of Kelsey playing at a nearby playground with my cellphone a couple weeks ago so when I saw a “yellow” challenge I knew what to put her in and where to go to get some great pictures with a better, not as grainy camera. So glad I did because I got a couple of great shots of her.

It’s weird and great at the same time to watch her climb and go down slides all by herself now. She’s grown so much and now says a couple of not very well pronounced words (car, cracker, shoes, chair, banana, honeydew). I have to admit it is nice when, even though I know she can do it by herself, she’ll reach out for my hand to help her up.


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