Hello Summer (and Mango Key Lime Pie!)

It has been so hot lately and it’s not even technically summer yet. I never thougt I would know any different but Ohio ruined me for summer weather. We’ve been to the sprayground, the pool or playing with the hose in the backyard practically every other day for the past couple of weeks.

I’ve worked out some activities for Kelsey and I for the summer that hopefully won’t be too hard on the old pocketbook. I got a youth membership at the YMCA for Kelsey which lets me take her to the Open Family Gym times and Parent/Child Swim Lessons for no additional cost. Then I got a postcard in the mail for 50% off a program so I signed her for Tumble Tots class for the second half of the summer since she’s been loving the open gym time. In addition, before we decided on Kelsey’s membership, we were given 10-day guest passes so I’ve been trying to stretch those out so I can take Kelsey to the pool until her class starts. So there’s something to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays for now.

I’ll be also be taking her to Growing Together class at Baby Bungalow on Mondays. I skipped this last session because it seemed a little over her head when I took her about 14 months but I could definately see her learning new things and being more confident already so I knew I wanted to go back to it. In the hour class they do a bunch of different activities and the kids get moved along to the next activity but at least I get an idea of the types of activities Kelsey likes and is ready for so I have things to do with her througout the rest of the week.

That leaves the sprayground, playgrounds and other activities that pop up to fill in the rest of the time. I’m hoping Kelsey will come around to touching sand at some point so we can go to the beach but it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. Also, we’ll be getting a family membership to Glazer Children’s Museum for those crazy hot days, super rainy days, and need-to-get-out-of-this-house days for the next year.

Well, along with summer comes one of my favorite foods and one of my favorite desserts. Mangoes are out and about and Key Lime Pie is so good. When we went to Key West a couple of years ago we had at least one slice everyday! My wonderful husband had the brilliant idea to make Mango Key Lime Pie. Publix sells a pretty tasty one but it’s, dare I say, too sweet. Thankfully this one came out not as sweet but just as tasty. We used this recipe for the filling and this recipe for the crust. We had enough filling for the large pie plus we filled 4 ready-made mini pie crusts. We didn’t have any whip cream and skipped the garnishes, just plain old pie. (If you’re looking for more inspiration, here’s a link to a bunch of mango recipes.)

Here’s to kicking off the summer!


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