Random Thoughts on Surrogacy

This is kind of out of left field. I have a to do list 3/4 of a page long but here I sit watching another episode of The Little Couple while enjoying a little evening snack. There seems to be a lot of talk about alternate ways to become parents right now.

Guiliana and Bill seem to be good people but are having such a run of bad luck with their attempts at IVF and then finding out she had breast cancer. The Little Couple, Bill and Jen, are great but can’t seem to catch a break either. I also have friends that wouldn’t be parents if science hadn’t given them another option.

After two years of trying for Kelsey we basically figured out that my body had some issues that it needed to resolve and I just needed to get a little healthier. Once I got that under control it became a matter of timing and, bam, Kelsey. I’m hoping it is the same for #2 and I’m already about 25 pounds lighter than when we conceived Kelsey.

It is just frustrating that a 15 year old is probably getting knocked up in the back seat of a car somewhere right now while couples that want a child so badly have to go through flaming hoops (and boat loads of money I imagine) to make it a possibility.

It got me thinking about the woman who become surrogates and that they must be angels on earth. I’m choosing to be optimistic that Baby Mama is not the norm of the surrogacy world. I considered that maybe once I have the children I want, why not rent out the parts to help someone else out? Then I remembered that I’d have to give birth…hm…yeah, I don’t know if I’m willing to go through that without the prize at the bottom of the box. Also, after looking at a couple of websites, I don’t think I would qualify.

I think that makes it even more extraordinary in my opinion.


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