Consignment Mega Sale Shopping Haul

I checked out Just Between Friends’ (they are all over so check if there is one near you) Fall event a few months ago and I have to say I was impressed with the overall set up and event. I didn’t really have too much I was looking for at the time so I left with about $20, and armful, in books and clothes.

I went back today for the spring event and had a little list with me this time of things I’ve been thinking about picking up lately. Apparently the spring event isn’t as big which was a mixed blessing – minimal lines (I actually went through twice) but not as much selection. I was a little disappointed to be leaving without the one thing I’ve been wanting, some kind of outdoor play equipment for Kelsey to climb and slide right here in the backyard. However, that did not stop me from filling up my car.

Here’s my $117.17 haul!

  • 2 bathing suits – we have a bunch but somehow none in her current size so I figured I’d stock up for the summer
  • 2, 2pc outfits – one of which has mermaids on it and may or may not have been purchased just to have something to wear when we visit the Weeki Wachi mermaids next month
  • 1 long sleeve, footed pj’s – one day she’ll be too old for footed pj’s but until then…
  • hanging growth cart
  • fold out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse chair
  • table and chairs set
  • tunnel
  • set of 2 sippy cups
  • 3 cloth diapers
  • booster seat with tray
  • pull toy
  • sand/water table – I’ve been so excited to get one of these!
  • Mega Blocks table and bag of Mega Blocks – I know Legos is something my husband is looking forward to getting into with Kelsey one day so this will be the start

Best $2 I spent today!  Kelsey has been dragging her snack cups around by the stroller strap so I knew I had to add a pull toy of some kind to my list. She found it quickly and before I could even start getting things into the house she was walking around with her Sesame Street toy.

She also discovered her chair before I could get anything put away. My husband takes the car seat for his car in and out. When it’s in the house and left in the living room we’ll find her sitting in it and playing or reading. She loves the chairs at Pottery Barn Kids and I’d love to get her one like it for Christmas or her next birthday so this will have to do for now. She spent the rest of the night taking a running start and jumping in to it and rolling around on it.

Excited to get to play with some new things!



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