Dr. Seuss Week

I have been reading to Kelsey regularly for quite a while now. Usually before bed but she also has a selection of books that she looks at throughout the day. I’m pretty sure she thinks the library is heaven because she gets to pull out book and after book and flip through them all. Some of her favorites are her Dr. Seuss books, some of which were my husbands when he was younger and some of which family has given to us. (Looking to take advantage of Target’s Dr. Seuss sales this month to pick up a few more if I can find the ones I’m looking for.)

My mother is the sewing genius in the family and came across Dr. Seuss fabric last year. She made Kelsey a quilt with it. Earlier this year, she had enough left over to make her pillowcase dress, too. There was just a strip left over of the trim so she gave me that to make a matching hair clip. Here’s what I came up with.

I started out by using this layered fabric flower by Nest Pretty Things as a starting point for the shape of the layers. With the strip of fabric I had, I ended up with two pieces about the same size and a third smaller one of squares. I cut them all according to the instructions.

Since all my layers were the same print I decided to add a layer of ribbon to add a little dimension and tie in some of the colors from the dress. I cut four pieces of ribbon the same length as the width if the larger layers and cut a V into the ends. I then laid the in a “star” shape.

I hot glued all the layers together and topped it off with a red button – side note: I need to learn how to make bottle tops because that might have been cuter for this one. A then glued it to a ribbon covered hair clip.

It has been a while since I could keep a headband on Kelsey’s head but she has been into putting hats on her head lately. My mother-in-law happened to make her a red knit hat (with super cute, matching mittens on a string) so I stuck the hair clip on that and she’ll wear it.

Kelsey was set to attend a couple Dr. Seuss events around town including running around Target!

The beauty of the pillowcase dress is that it will fit for a while so hopefully she’ll be able to wear it again next year. She’s not ready for any real activities like crafts but I have a whole Pinterest board of ideas of things to do with her next year!

Linking up to The Frugal Girls’ Chic & Crafty Party


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