I Heart Faces: Hugs and Kisses

I love my little girl. When I ask for kisses she’ll turn my head to “kiss” my cheek – it’s still more of an open mouth, slobber fest, but it’s cute.


Valentine’s Day 2012

Even though I knew it was coming, Valentine’s Day still kind of snuck up on me. Mostly because I didn’t really think I was going to do anything for it but in the last coupe of days before it, I decided why not celebrate a little?

I decided I wanted to try to take some Valentine’s-ee pictures of Kelsey. I had a hand-me-down dress that fit Kelsey but wasn’t overly hearts and pink. Someone was giving away baskets on freecycle so I spray painted one white. I was tidying up some stuff in my craft area and came across a couple bunches of red carnations left over from a project a couple of years ago. I saw a little heart garland in the background of someone’s picture that I thought was cute.

Let the Valentine’s decor begin!

I picked up a couple of sheets of felt from Walmart, cut into fourths, then cut out hearts. I then cut slits into the hearts to run the ribbon through, which I already had. I stuck a few nails in the fence out back to hang them from. I put the flowers in the basket, put Kelsey in the middle of it and started snapping away. I have found that keeping her in one spot works best if I give her things to play with.

After the shoot, I hung the hearts around the living room and the flowers turned into a door decoration. I picked up a half ball of floral foam, tied ribbon around it to hang it from and just stuck the blooms into the foam. Viola!

For my husband, I took advantage of a free personalized card from Tiny Prints and I decided to make something yummy. Most importantly, I finally found a use a heart pie baker we got for our wedding almost 6 years ago!

I followed the directions to make this No Crust Strawberry Pie I found through The Frugal Girls. However, instead of whipped topping, we heated up and drizzle some dark chocolate topping over our servings. Who doesn’t love chocolate and strawberries?

I gave Kelsey a couple of treats in the morning. I picked up a box of Sweethearts on sale and got a heart lollipop from a wedding I went to last week. She promptly turned the candy into a shaker and proceeded to swat the dog with the lollipop.

Since my husband stil had his regular, into the middle of the night work hours, we got the idea to go to IHOP for breakfast.

In the afternoon, it was girls time at the mall. I picked up my free, travel-size, Signature Collection item from Bath & Bodyworks from their facebook promotion and then picked up an Icedream from Chik-fil-A, soft serve with pink sprinkles! Kelsey had a few nibbles, the child won’t drink milk or eat cheese or yogurt but she likes ice cream.

We both worked off our treat on the playground – Kelsey by climbing up everything and me by having to carry her down off of everything. She’s still not too sure about getting off items but she’s starting to gain an appreciation for slides. Here she is giving the dolphin a kiss!

Earlier in the day, my husband gave me a card and a box of Zombie Bonbons – chocolate with cherry brains – and picked up a copy of Breaking Dawn from Redbox, free one night rental through their facebook promotion. I had a MacDill Enlisted Spouses Club meeting but once we got home and I got Kelsey to bed, I was able to finally watch it. Yes, I’m a little bit of a Twilight dork.

All in all, it was a pretty good (and relatively cheap) Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a good one, too.

Here’s a few more pictures, I can’t help myself.