Butterfly Hair Clip

Simple Butterfly Hair Clip

January has turned out to be a pretty busy month with a bunch of late December and January birthdays and other events. We had a birthday party to go to on December 31, participating in the Disney World Kid’s Race on January 7 and heading over the day before, followed by a party on the 8th. A party on January 14 which we’ll miss because we’ll be on the road to Miami for my cousin’s daughter’s little girl’s party on the 15th. Finally, Kelsey’s party on the 21st with family from both sides in town all that weekend and Gasparilla the weekend after.

Most of the birthday kids are girls and they are all getting a hair clip of some kind along with their gift. Some are getting Flower and Ribbon Combo Hair Clips that I already made. Others are getting some of my new favorite, the Loopy Flower Hair Bow by Sweet and Sassy. I made one to directions for Kelsey’s Christmas outfit but I found it was just a bit too “3D” for me so I’ve been playing with just one or two layers and incorporating tulle. I made ones using the middle layer dimensions for all the nieces for Christmas.

1. 8″ length only

2. 8″ length only with Mickey bottle top

3. 8″ length, 2 pieces of square tulle, 6″ length

4. 8″ length only with 4 circles of tulle

One of the outfits I was giving as a present had a few butterflies on the pant leg and I decided that it I needed to try a butterfly hair clip to match it. I started by cutting two 4″ pieces and two 5.5″ pieces for the wings and glued them into teardrop shapes.

Then, I cut a piece of ribbon that would be both the clip cover and the body of the butterfly. I held the ribbon in the clip and ran a bead of glue down the center and glued the wings into position.

I then ran another bead of glue down the middle, folded the ribbon over and glued it down. I then finished by glueing to the back side of the clip. Remember to heat seal the ribbon.

It’s nothing too special but I think they came out really cute – I made one to give and one to keep!


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