Pumpkin Fun and Yummies

I was so excited for Halloween to roll around this year. I’ve had Kelsey’s little cow costume since befre she was born so I’ve been looking forward to seeing her in it for just as long. I was also looking forward to taking her to a pumpkin patch. She started walking the week or so before we went so I was hoping she would want to pick up the pumpkins. No luck there, but for some reason she really liked grabbing the stumps of the vines. At two different patches she at least got to touch them and other new sensations like straw and we got some great pictures.


In the picture on the left, Kelsey is wearing a pumkpin headband and holding a candy corn doll that my mother-in-law crocheted for her. In the picture to the right, I used my Ribbon Flower technique with some Halloween ribbon in a pinwheel on top and a glitter pompom for a Halloween hair clip and found a little pumpkin iron-on patch to decorate a onesie for an inexpensive Halloween outfit paired with other clothes we already had.

In the middle, she’s wearing the cow costume we got half off the November 1st last year and I added a ribbon to it. We already found two costumes for her for next year for $5 each at Old Navy! I now get to spend the next year planning our family costume.

Pumpkin Carving:

We made sure to pick up some pumpkins for carving and the Thursday before Halloween we finally got around to doing them. It has been a while since we’ve carved pumkins and I forgot how much work it is, but we had a good time anyways. I found a jack-o-lantern template I liked online then redid the teeth so they would resemble Kelsey’s little grin, with two teeth on top with a gap and two little ones on the bottom.

She likes to finger paint with her food now so I thought she’d have fun playing with the pumpkin goo but it turns out she’s not a fun of the mess. She poked it a couple times but wanted nothing to do with it touching her. At least she had a good time with the spoon. She did, however, still manage to get it all over her, even her hair, and even sat in it!

As my husband did the final carving, I sorted all the seeds out. I had never made roasted pumpkin seeds before so I thought this would be a good opportunity. After looking around for recipes/instructions online I decided to go with the following. I’ve been snacking on them daily!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

  • Spread pumpkin seeds out on a baking sheet to dry overnight.
  • Drizzle olive oil and use your fingers to stir and coat all the seeds.
  • Sprinkle cajun spice mix over all of them.
  • Bake at 200 degrees for 1 hr 15 min.
  • Store in an airtight container.


Earlier in the month, we had a Make It, Bake It, Grow It Auction as a fundraiser for MacDill Enlisted Spouses Club and I decided to make this Libby’s Pumpkin Cranberry Bread recipe as mini loaves. I had raisins on hand so I decided to use them instead of cranberries.  I made 2 plain mini loaves and 3 with raisins and still had enough for a regular loaf for us to keep. I also used the Kitchen Aid mixer by myself for the first time – talk about becoming domesticated!

The plain ones sold pretty well, but not as many takers for the raisin ones. Who knew there were so many people that don’t like raisins in anything? The loaf we made for ourselves at the house did not last long.

Next up for pumpkin fun? I am going to attempt to make pumpkin puree. I haven’t decided which method I’m going to try yet between these two sites. Wish me luck!

In addition to using some of the puree as baby food I’m hoping to try a pumpkin recipe or two. Who knows? I may even attempt a pumpkin pie from scratch with my Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix!

I hope you had a great Halloween weekend and are enjoying Fall where ever you are!


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