Fall Fabric Wreath

Fall Fabric Wreath

Fall has come (in waves) to Tampa, Fl. I’m blogging while enjoying my homemade pumpkin spice iced coffee and with the windows open. Kelsey is playing with her fall-themed sensory box and books on the floor. We finally picked up some pumpkins and went to a pumpkin festival this weekend and plan to make some jack-o-lanterns later this week.

I little while ago, I picked up some fabric with coupons and found a large piece of cardboard that I could cut in to. I decided I would try my hand at a wreath for the front door – thank you Pintrest for giving me way too many ideas. I just wanted to keep mine simple and easy.

To start, I cut out a circle shape from the piece of cardboard. Then, I cut the brown fabric into 1/8 of a yard strips. I folded the sides in so the edges of the fabric would be covered and wrapped it around the circle, it took two strips to cover it, hot glueing down the ends as needed.

Next, I made the rosettes. I used one 1/4 of a yard strip and two 1/8 of a yard strips. There are tons of tutorials online to make them if you are looking for more instruction. Basically, I folded over the edges and ironed them down then twisted and wrapped like making a bun, hot glueing occasionally to keep it all together. Then, I glued it to a piece of felt and trimmed the felt so it wouldn’t show.

I then glued the rosettes to the fabric covered circle. I also glued some extra felt to the back to give it just a little more support. Finally, I cut one more 1 inch strip of fabric and attached it to the wreath with a larks head knot and made a bow for it to hang from.

Pretty simple, but it’s light weight – I hate things banging around when the door opens and closes. Since I think it went pretty well, I may try to get a little fancier and make a holiday one.

Bonus project: Fabric Flower Hair Clip

Before I cut down and made the rosettes, I cut out some circles for a fabric flower hair clip. Here’s my favorite one, but I made this one with just one layer and a gem.


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