Ribbon Turkey and Caterpillar Hair Clips

Is it bad that I am already preparing for Fall and Winter holidays? I already have most of everyone’s Halloween costumes, a dress for Kelsey for Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas dress for Kelsey, and I’ve started planning her 1st birthday party in January.


The latest Oriental Trading catalog came in the mail the other week and a little pin craft caught my eye. I decided that I would try to make it myself as a hair clip. Grab the glue gun!

Turkey Inspiration:

I started out by covering a hair clip with yellow ribbon (brown may have been better, but I only had enough for the face!). I cut 5 different pieces of ribbon about 4-5 inches to be the tail feathers. Glue the loop together and glue them to the hair clip with the handle down.

Then I cut 2, 3 inch pieces of brown ribbon for the face. I folded over and glued one end of each and heat sealed the other end. Glue on a googly eye to each folded over end, then glue in a steep X shape. Cut a beak and wattle from yellow and red felt, respectively, and glue on under eyes.

Glue on to the hair clip, on top of the tail feathers.


Since I was getting things out for the turkey hair clip anyways, I decided to try to make a caterpillar hair clip for Kelsey to wear to a “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” storytime/play group meetup that we were going to. Who knows, maybe she’ll get to wear it again at some point. I have made the little pom-pom caterpillar craft before and used that as my starting off point, but wanted to use the ribbon I already had.

I actually didn’t cover the alligator clip I used, but it is an option to cover it in green ribbon. I glued on two leaves from fake flowers left over from flower hair clips for the caterpillar to sit on.

I cut 4 different colors of ribbon to about 2 inch pieces and glued them into loops. I cut a thin piece to about 2 inches and glued it on to the back of the “head” in a V shape for antenna. Finally, I glued them on to the leaves in a row to form the body.

Caterpillar hair clip was a hit!

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