Ribbon Minnie Mouse Ears

A bunch of people around here have been going to Disney World lately and I was kind of feeling left out. We are planning to take Kelsey sometime before we move away from Tampa, but I just can’t see the point of taking her until she’s old enough to interact with the characters and know what is going on.

My cousin gave Kelsey a size 6 month Minnie Mouse onesie when she was about one month old. At the time it seemed huge. I decided to put it on her this week and it just barely fits! Where does time go? Well, it just needed something – like, ears to match!

My sister showed me some Minnie Mouse ears hair clips on Etsy so I made these just playing around with the ribbon and supplies I had on hand.

It was pretty easy, I will do my best to walk you through what I did.

You will need:

  • black grossgrain ribbon
  • pink or red with white polka dot grossgrain ribbon (or another color)
  • 3 alligator or pinch clips
  • hot glue gun / glue sticks
  • lighter
  • scissors

I cut three pieces of black ribbon for each “ear”. The first about 2 inches, the second about 3 inches and the fourth about 4 inches. Heat seal the ends with the lighter and glue the ends together to form loops. Then, glue the loops nesting into each other; repeat. Cover two clips with black ribbon (see how to). Glue the nested loops standing up on the hair clips.

For the bow, I made a bow by wrapping the ribbon around my four fingers 2 1/2 times, with embroidery floss I tied the center together and fanned out the layers, then glued another piece of ribbon over the center. You could do a variety of styles of bows but this worked with the ribbon I already had. May I suggest I Like Big Bows for a wealth of tutorials.

The technique you use does not matter but to make it stand up to be seen sitting on top of the head I made a small loop with the ribbon. I glued that to the under side of the center of the bow, then glued it to the matching ribbon covered hair clip so it would stand up.

Clip the set on to a black crochet headband (or for older girls, glue on to a black headband) in the right places – two ears and the bow in the middle – and you have a cute set of Minnie Mouse Ears!!

Kelsey Mouse!

I think she looks adorable!

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