First Family Portraits and My Sister’s Wedding

It’s hard to believe the squirming creature currently trying to climb over my lap and hitting me with her toy was a sleeping bundle of newborn not too long ago.

My little sister, Erin, got engaged and set her wedding date for January 2011 before Kelsey was even conceived so I was a little nervous that I might not make it to her wedding and concerned about what condition I might be in if I did make it. It was a hassle (I almost missed walking down the aisle and I missed the dances at the reception because I was nursing Kelsey) and I feel sorry for whoever was next to us in the hotel because they had to listen to a colic baby all night but it was nice to be able to see that much family and have them meet Kelsey. Of course, I was also happy that I got to be part of my sister’s big day as her Matron of Honor.

We took over the wedding photographers, Root Photography, to get a few pictures of our new little family with our less than one month old who was also the Honorary Flower Girl. (I may have been sleep deprieved, but I know a good opportunity when I see one!)

This little walk down memory lane came about because my sister wrote a little something about the “first look” her and her husband did before the wedding on Roots Photography wedding blog. I remember walking out of the hotel building knowing my sister was hanging back for this and saw Brendan standing off to the side with his back towards us.

Weddings are not ideal events for the fresh post partum mom. My eyes welled up seeing Brendan waiting for Erin. I had to sing the ABC’s and Mary Had a Little Lamb in my head the whole ceremony so I won’t start crying, and finally the water works turned on during the reception. My sister did a “Mom and Bride” dance to my Mom’s favorite song, Baby Mine, and invited Kelsey and I to join them.

Photo by Roots Photography

Here is my sister’s post with links to previous postings of their pictures. The couple that makes up Roots Photography were very nice and do good work so if you are in Central Florida or Nashville, look them up next time you need photos.


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