Ribbon Turkey and Caterpillar Hair Clips

Is it bad that I am already preparing for Fall and Winter holidays? I already have most of everyone’s Halloween costumes, a dress for Kelsey for Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas dress for Kelsey, and I’ve started planning her 1st birthday party in January.


The latest Oriental Trading catalog came in the mail the other week and a little pin craft caught my eye. I decided that I would try to make it myself as a hair clip. Grab the glue gun!

Turkey Inspiration:

I started out by covering a hair clip with yellow ribbon (brown may have been better, but I only had enough for the face!). I cut 5 different pieces of ribbon about 4-5 inches to be the tail feathers. Glue the loop together and glue them to the hair clip with the handle down.

Then I cut 2, 3 inch pieces of brown ribbon for the face. I folded over and glued one end of each and heat sealed the other end. Glue on a googly eye to each folded over end, then glue in a steep X shape. Cut a beak and wattle from yellow and red felt, respectively, and glue on under eyes.

Glue on to the hair clip, on top of the tail feathers.


Since I was getting things out for the turkey hair clip anyways, I decided to try to make a caterpillar hair clip for Kelsey to wear to a “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” storytime/play group meetup that we were going to. Who knows, maybe she’ll get to wear it again at some point. I have made the little pom-pom caterpillar craft before and used that as my starting off point, but wanted to use the ribbon I already had.

I actually didn’t cover the alligator clip I used, but it is an option to cover it in green ribbon. I glued on two leaves from fake flowers left over from flower hair clips for the caterpillar to sit on.

I cut 4 different colors of ribbon to about 2 inch pieces and glued them into loops. I cut a thin piece to about 2 inches and glued it on to the back of the “head” in a V shape for antenna. Finally, I glued them on to the leaves in a row to form the body.

Caterpillar hair clip was a hit!

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Baby Clothes Size Dividers

I’ve had Kelsey’s clothes organized since before she was born, but it wasn’t until she started doing some growing that I realized hanging clothes dividers (like at stores) would be helpful to note where one size stopped and the next one started in her closet. A few months late, but better late than never right?

I decided to make a set myself. The good thing about doing them yourself is you can make them to match what ever color scheme or theme you would like. Here is how you can make a set, too.

I began by using Microsoft Publisher and opening a blank greeting card. Use the pre-designed covers as a jumping off point or create your own design and modify the colors and fonts to suite your tastes. Once you have your template, erase everything from the other three pages of the greeting card and copy and paste your template into those three pages. From there I just typed in the sizes on each of the four pages and printed two copies, then repeated until I made all the sizes and tags I wanted.

A list to help you get started:

  • Preemie
  • Newborn
  • 0-3
  • 3-6
  • 6-9
  • 9-12
  • 12
  • 12-18
  • 18
  • 24
  • 36
  • 2T
  • 3T
  • 4T
  • 5T
  • Keepsakes
  • Costumes
  • Dress Up
  • Holidays

When you are done printing, cut apart the individual labels. Then play a matching game and find all the pairs. Tape or glue one of the set on to each side of a piece of cardstock. The cardstock should be a few inches longer than the labels since this will be cut into to make the hanger.

Sandwich the three pieces between two layers of contact paper or laminate them. I used contact paper (about $6 a roll) because I will use the rest to cover flash cards, cards for memory games, etc in the future. Trim off any excess contact paper or laminate but leave a little border of it to keep the seal around the hanger.

Finally, cut a slit from the side and then freehand or use a punch to make an opening where the hanger will rest on the rack. I suggest holding up your hanger to your closet rod to determine where the slit should go and how big the opening needs to be. For my wire system, about an inch from the top is where I put the slit and my opening is about the size of a dime.

All that is left to do is hang your dividers in the appropriate places and look at your organized masterpiece!

Organizing Cubbie Drawers:

I also made a few tie on labels for her drawers. Between the size of baby clothes and the space we have available, the best option for us was a nine cube shelf with canvas pull out cubbies that we put inside the closet.

I folded the contact paper together and cut it down to business card size pieces. Using a hole punch I made holes then ran a piece of ribbon through in a larks head then tied a knot on the other end. Attach the labels with a larks head to the handles of the cubbies. I used a Sharpie to write the contents. To make it re-writeable, laminate pieces of paper and use dry erase markers.

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Baby on a Budget – A Few Tips

Since we found out we were pregnant, my husband and I have been trying to be as frugal as possible adding Kelsey to the family. I’ve never had a problem with thrift stores and now that I know how quickly babies grow and out grow things, I love the reduced price tag. From choosing to breastfeed, make our own baby food, and make Kelsey’s hair clips, a lot of my decisions come from trying to both do the best we can for Kelsey while doing it for a little less.

I do have to say we have been very fortunate to get so much gear as gifts or handed down from family and friends. Using that as a starting point, we’ve tried to fill in the rest while not breaking the bank. I’ve picked up a few things from Once Upon a Child and from local thrift stores over the past few months.

Recently, I have been trying to get some cool weather basics together. I figure that I might come across winter clothes that people cleared out back in spring but before most people start looking towards the change in the weather. I have read posts where people set a goal of $.50 per item. I wish I was that good. I don’t really have a goal cost in mind but, depending on the item, I try not to pay more than a couple of bucks.

Here are some things I’ve been able to pick up recently and the lessons I learned along with them.

Get to Know Your Local Thrift Stores:

There are two thrift stores in particular I peek in at from time to time here in South Tampa. Sunshine Thrift Store has colored tags on their clothing and everyday two colors are 50% off. Now the goal should be to only get those colors, but I say, if you really like something get it then because it may not be there when you come back. In the photo below, the pink jacket was 50% but $1-$2 for the other two items that I know she’ll wear (planning on the dress for Thanksgiving and I LOVE rompers for everyday) seemed reasonable and it was all in great condition. They also have everything 50% off days about once a month but I haven’t braved any of them yet.

Also, the closest Salvation Army location (I’m not sure if it’s region wide) has all clothing 50% off every Wednesday. I have left with a shopping bag full of items and only paid a few bucks. Lots of times I can get items for about $.50 including baby pants and dresses. I also pick up t-shirts to cut up for crafts.

Join Your Local Mom’s and Family Sites:

I found out about a free children’s clothing and gear swap happening about 30 minutes away through both What’s Doing? Tampa Bay (actually found this site from a Mom I met through a group on www.Meetup.com) and www.MomsLikeMe.com. You could take as many items as you brought. I am saving most of the items we have because we plan on at least trying for another child in the not too far off future. However, there were some items that I never even had the chance to put on Kelsey so I probably wouldn’t miss them for baby #2. I took those to swap for some clothes in future sizes and some other items. The stuff in the big plastic bag is a baby food making system – the best thing I left with.

Listen When Other Moms Talk:

Overhearing some other moms talk left me with a good tip on inexpensive toys and gear. I have driven by Lionhearted Toys countless times since it’s on a main drag just minutes from me but I never stopped to check it out. After hearing about the great inventory and prices, I’m so happy I stopped in to check it out.

It’s a used toys store so you never know for sure what is going to be there, but if I’m looking for something I’m going to be sure to start here first from now on. The prices were great.

We are on a Dr. Suess kick around here hence the book; Kelsey loves chewing on tags and she’s getting into “noisy” toys; I’m going to try some activities from playgroup with the hoop; and, I’ve been looking for a second Boppy cover (to go with the $6 Boppy and cover I got from Once Upon a Child – I love my Boppy).

Take Advantage of Freebies:

I joined www.Freecycle.com a while back and was able to get rid of our moving boxes when we moved to Florida which saved us the hassle of working with the local waste management (downside of living off base). Recently, I was able to get some baby items from someone. I took some items, let some friends take some of the items, and donated the rest. It also included a pack of diapers in Kelsey’s next size.

Combining those with all the diaper sample offers online, I have a whole box of size 4 diapers that I didn’t have to pay for. Some suggested sites for finding freebies: www.mojosavings.com and www.moneysavingmom.com.

While I am still in no way an expert, I’m happy to learn and to learn from others! What tips do you have?


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Ribbon Minnie Mouse Ears

A bunch of people around here have been going to Disney World lately and I was kind of feeling left out. We are planning to take Kelsey sometime before we move away from Tampa, but I just can’t see the point of taking her until she’s old enough to interact with the characters and know what is going on.

My cousin gave Kelsey a size 6 month Minnie Mouse onesie when she was about one month old. At the time it seemed huge. I decided to put it on her this week and it just barely fits! Where does time go? Well, it just needed something – like, ears to match!

My sister showed me some Minnie Mouse ears hair clips on Etsy so I made these just playing around with the ribbon and supplies I had on hand.

It was pretty easy, I will do my best to walk you through what I did.

You will need:

  • black grossgrain ribbon
  • pink or red with white polka dot grossgrain ribbon (or another color)
  • 3 alligator or pinch clips
  • hot glue gun / glue sticks
  • lighter
  • scissors

I cut three pieces of black ribbon for each “ear”. The first about 2 inches, the second about 3 inches and the fourth about 4 inches. Heat seal the ends with the lighter and glue the ends together to form loops. Then, glue the loops nesting into each other; repeat. Cover two clips with black ribbon (see how to). Glue the nested loops standing up on the hair clips.

For the bow, I made a bow by wrapping the ribbon around my four fingers 2 1/2 times, with embroidery floss I tied the center together and fanned out the layers, then glued another piece of ribbon over the center. You could do a variety of styles of bows but this worked with the ribbon I already had. May I suggest I Like Big Bows for a wealth of tutorials.

The technique you use does not matter but to make it stand up to be seen sitting on top of the head I made a small loop with the ribbon. I glued that to the under side of the center of the bow, then glued it to the matching ribbon covered hair clip so it would stand up.

Clip the set on to a black crochet headband (or for older girls, glue on to a black headband) in the right places – two ears and the bow in the middle – and you have a cute set of Minnie Mouse Ears!!

Kelsey Mouse!

I think she looks adorable!

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I am working on two projects over on facebook – a giveaway and selling a few items.

When Domesticating Michelle reaches 50 “likes” on facebook, I’ll give away a set of three hair clips. Tell a friend!

Facebook Giveaway!

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Hair clips for sale!

My evenings have been spent working on a few other projects this week and caring for a sick baby who got me sick (oh, the joys of motherhood!), but I’m hoping to get back to some posts soon. Thanks, again, for following my blog!

Wee Play Playgroup: Songs, Toys, and Bubbles

I was reminded about a baby playgroup, Wee Play, hosted by Baby Bungalow here in Tampa over the weekend and decided to check it out today. I’m glad I did!

This is the first time I have taken Kelsey to an organized play group. The instructor seemed very knowledgable, explaining the purpose behind the different types of activities and what skills were being practiced by each one. There were about 20 babies there around Kelsey’s age, beginning crawlers through confident walkers (once they get good at walking they move to a different group). They sang songs, played with a variety of different toys, and got to experience a variety of sensations. It is $4 for one session or $30 for a 10 class pack.

With Kelsey being more interactive, and now crawling, I have been trying to find opportunities for her to socialize with other children. I’m trying to make it out to the Tampa Moms Over 30 Meet Up group I joined (back to the sprayground tomorrow!) and am glad that it will work out to go to this play group once a week. We are also trying to put together a play date set up through the MacDill Enlisted Spouses Club.

I must say I felt pretty awkward in the class at first. I sing songs to and dance for Kelsey when it’s just the two of us (I get funny looks from my husband) but it’s different to be in a room full of strangers singing and grinning. Then I realized every mom in their probably does or did feel this way at least at some point and it’s good for our babies’ development so I got over it. A little harder for me to get over in general is all the shared slobber, but I know I certain amount of germs is good for her, too.

When everyone first started singing Kelsey just looked around the room trying to figure it all out. She didn’t want to leave my lap at first either. She eventually warmed up to it and enjoyed the songs and toys and started crawling a little bit away from me to check the toys out. Unfortunately, it probably means I’ll be making a trip to the dollar store soon to buy a hula hoop and some other toys. It also reminded me that I had picked up some pony beads and pom poms from Target’s dollar area and saved a small plastic bottle to make a shaker, however, I never told my husband why I had saved it and it’s already been recycled – oops! At Wee Play there were shakers made from the Target Pharmacy bottles with beads inside – I wonder if Target will give me one. If not I’ll just wait for a plastic bottle to come along around here.

I have learned, thanks to sites like I Can Teach My Child, that toys don’t have to be too fancy or expensive. I picked up some bubbles from the dollar store a little while ago (by the way, they are starting to go on clearance at Walmart, 8 for $1 and keep an eye out for clearance items in the baby aisle at Walgreens) but I think now that Kelsey can crawl after them like she did today she will enjoy them more so I will be giving them another try at home. I got a lot of good pointers on things I can do with her at home using what we have.

I hope this will help get Kelsey used to be around other people and get her out of her shell. I’m also hoping it will get me out of my shell, too. I finally made it my mission today to make some “Mommy cards” and did. I little image manipulation and a text box in Microsoft Publisher and I have a whole bunch of business card perforated paper already so I just hit print. Of course, if you want something a little fancier, Vistaprint always has deals to get a couple hundred for a few bucks.