Cake Mix Cookies

I think I have found another love in my life and thy name is Cake Mix Cookies!

I found this RACKS and Moby recipe through Chic & Crafty Link Up Party a few weeks ago. My Mom visited last week and brought some goodies including red velvet cake mix and we picked up some cream cheese frosting.

We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner last night and it gave me an opportunity to make the cake cookies recipe since there would be other people to help us eat them. I used the red velvet mix in the batter, cream cheese frosting for the middle and some chocolate sprinkles. Well, they were a hit! Have a potluck to go to in August so I’m probably going to be making these again in the near future.

Red Velvet Cake Cookie Sandwiches

It also ended up being my daughter’s first play date. I think she had a good time. She was patting her playmate on the head when they weren’t trying to play with the same toy.

Play time!


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