Ugh…Florida in the summer.

The beaches are nice, blah, blah, blah. When you are dealing with crazy, swarming mosquitos trying to get from the front door to the car, it’s hard to remember the good things.

If you ever want a laugh, watch my husband and I trying to get into the car. Inevitably, we spend the first 5 minutes swatting at the ones that got it like some weird, spastic game of whack-a-mole. Eventually we get going only to try to suck out any remaining mosquitos through the window.

Getting back to the house isn’t much easier. It involves quickly grabbing what we can and making a break for it, slamming the door shut behind us. Then we wait for a minute to fake out the mosquitos before running back out to get anything else.

The baby gets Avon Skin So Soft when we are going to be outside a lot and to step outside requires us to douse ourselves in DEET bug spray. Let’s just say we should look into buying stock in OFF! and Cortaid.

Now that we picked up a net for the stroller I should be able to resume my daily walks (when there are not thunder storms coming through). On the plus side, there’s no mosquitos at the beach!

Wishing I could hang this around my neck!


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